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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
(Just so you know beforehand, Sarah, this is not aimed at you)

Oh, and they can show off every captive they have of a U.S soldier and proclaim how we are the devil and should all perish in a jihad? They can show a soldier have his head hacked off while the poor man screams to death? They can show off all that propaganda against us US Army "devil dogs?"

We want the world to know a madman is dead. Those who show off and celebrate are over the top, yes, but I am happy those 3,000 or so people who died ten years ago finally got the vengeance they deserved.
But what you have to understand is the Muslim extremists believe they are following the word of Allah. You know, if we are going into technicalities as well, while they say they are performing Jihad, that is not true. Jihad is the defense of their faith, which has not been really harmed by the Americans.

What they are really defending is their opium trade.

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
And when the bastard rears his ugly head to try and lead a deadly attack, the US will respond to him in the same way. With deadly force.

If this proves one thing, it's that if you attack the US, by God, we will do everything in our power to find you and bring you to justice.
What? You cannot honestly say that. Ghadafi has been responsible for terrorist attacks on American soil, and from the looks of it, it is Europe who is taking care of that job. There have been plenty of people who have attacked the U.S and have gotten away with it. You think Osama is the only evil bastard out there wanting to destroy the U.S? I am not disagreeing with you, but that last comment is a bit of a stretch.

Honestly, I think we should stop celebrating and attack them while they are disorganized and scrambling to find a new leader. Attack, attack! The war is not over yet!
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