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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Rayna, Anya, Kairi and Terra
Gatekeepers(Odin) and Keyblade Holders--Good
Nexen Under City-Tunnel

"Thank you." Kairi said politely to Amaya, for both helping her up and admitting the guys had a nasty habit of ditching her, even if she wasn't exactly sure how the young woman knew that. It seemed everyone was a bit stunned by her appearance, particularly Sora, who asked just how she'd managed to get there. "The floor fell out from under me. After I realized you two ditched me." She said matter-of-factly, leaving out the part about the panic attack that she had felt coming on. She almost launched into a very angry lecture about it when the woman who had helped her up started talk, explaining something, and began to walk forward. Her drowsiness gone, Kairi moved forward after her easily, shrugging Sora's hand off her shoulder. She was happy to see him and Riku, but she was still upset about being left. She took stock of the others surrounding her, noting the faces absentmindedly while listening to the young woman's story. The dark-haired young woman and the redheaded girl who stood next to her looked upset about the whole situation.

"We're really lucky we're still alive. Hopefully we'll be able to lay those who were lost to rest when this is all over..." The redheaded girl murmured, there was a soft red flash from under the green cloak/jacket the girl wore before the other girl standing next to her rested a hand on one shoulder, and the tall, dark-skinned and muscular man on her other side did the same.

"Don't you guys worry, we'll help you get through this, that's what we're here for, right?" Kairi said brightly, this time, she was ready to fight. The story had touched her compassionate side and reminded her of her own bad experiences. She would help, and no one was going to prevent her from helping. Then Sora asked their names. "Well, I'm Kairi in case anyone here doesn't know." She offered good-naturedly, grinning.

"I'm Rayna, and this is my sister--" Rayna piped up brightly.

"Anya. Sorry for the confusion we may--" Anya started, then broke off.

"Cause. We share a telepathic connection." Rayna said casually.

"More like a mind." Anya corrected, smiling slightly as well.

"I'm Terra, former student of the late Master Eraqus." Terra said simply, another thought that bothered him, considering he was most of the reason Master Eraqus had died in the first place. "Here to help."

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