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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

[Lucent] Lugia (M)
Musketeer Alliance
Musketeer Training Grounds

Watching new recruits train was fun and all of that, but Lucent had something better to do.

He knew of a place where a lake was still miraculously there, and he knew it could help heal him; it was as clear and unpolluted as if a Suicune walked over it every day.

Heck, one probably did. The lake lay deep in the territory of the Legendary Beasts, sheltered among there cliffs in shade.

Lucent knew that going to it was a crazy risk. If he was caught, at best he would be sent away with some serious injuries. At worst, he would be killed or taken prisoner. The two worst parts of the war were that he couldn't trust his fellow Pokemon, and that there was barely even a body of water for him to recuperate in.

Lucent looked out at the Houndour scrambling about with the other Pokemon and wondered how long it would be before his doubt set in. If he was going to get anything truly done it would have to be before then, so he kicked his legs and lifted up powerfully into the air, flying toward the Beasts' territory, with the doubt brewing. He had made a decision that with his luck would get him killed.
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