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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Legendary Beast
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The rain continued to pound the earth in rippling sheets, gouging ridges into the earth where the rain flowed down hills and slopes.

A patch of turbulence and wind sheer interrupted Stormbreaker's smooth flight. His form spiraled with jerky movements as he fought control over his own body. Despite being powerful, her was caught in a vacuum. He went downwards, forcing himself below the spot where updrafts and downdrafts clashed. The green dragon's body moved in wave-like ripples as his head fought the updrafts, sending a ripple down his body, and the updrafts made his end go upwards.

Finally, he struggled out of the wind. It had been a particularly nasty spot that had been forming rotation for a while, but nothing became of it. Good. Recently, Stormbreaker's control of the weather had been faltering a bit. He could lessen the rain, but not stop it. It would have taken the combined effort of both he and Suicune, and neither had the energy. Below the cloudline he dove, into plain sight, not caring who saw him. He could have been an easy target if the rain did not make his form hazy. His gaze flickered to the side as he descended, feeling strangely exhausted.

The girl had began pursuing a Meowth that had dashed out of the tunnels. The Meowth headed in Rayquaza's direction, followed by the girl and a Yanma that had also emerged from the vast, complex depths of the dank tunnels. The Legendary Pokemone spiraled to the ground, pulling up as he neared the muddy eath. He drifted softly at the base of a large tree, and compacted himself under it.

Sleep had been scarce, and the particles that he fed off of that used to thrive in the ozone layer was dwindling dangerously. He had never tried greens or Pokemon or humans before for food, but he did not plan on trying it anytime soon. It seemed a bit barbaric. His emerald plates glistened with water that rolled down them. His markings glowed dimly. Rest, he needed rest, but there was that human and those two Pokemon coming...

Stormbreaker pulled himself awake, analyzing the situation. There was a human, a Meowth, and a Yanma. The human couldn't hurt him, the Yanma had a limited moveset that mostly would not affect him, and the Meowth would be of little worry. Reinforcements could be called, but humans were noisy and he could quickly stumble or glide away before they reached him.

This Pokemon was unsure of what to do. This was the first chance at rest that he had gotten in weeks, and yet he was reluctant to take it. The Sky Tower was so far away, and it would take too long to get there just to rest. Besides, maybe he could make a human friend or two. Being the entity of the sky had its downfalls. Pokemon couldn't fly up to that height, and if they could they would be terrified or overly respectful of him, and both would become annoying. But humans, humans were strangely bold, if not reckless, and the girl's Pokemon might make decent companions. And...

He snapped out of it. He was still unsure of whether he could trust this human. Think, Stormbreaker, think! His mind drifted, his concious flickering. He was felt so tired, and needed rest. Here of all places. He curled himself around the tree and allowed himself to drift into a light doze. Maybe he could catch some sleep before the human made it to him...
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