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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Neutral Territory

Time passed, but looking at the scene, one couldn’t tell. The rain continued to dart down to the sky, crashing softly against the moist blades of emerald green grass. Small, light objects blew with the ever violent breeze, adding an extra chill to the air. Flashes of brilliant lightning, the loud banging echoes of thunder, they hadn’t faded into the everlasting darkness…

From their shelter, the two Pokémon continued to observe the outside world. The dragonfly wondered why his trainer, his friend lingered on in such conditions. He knew she’d be much better off coming back inside the spacious tunnels, away from the harsh external weather. Although she wasn’t ill often, the thought of her getting sick also crossed his mind; treatment was rare and tended to be costly. They had nothing of value to give…

Dahlia really didn’t know what she was even looking for, maybe it nothing. Maybe it was an excuse to be here, alone in the depths of the storm. Either way, something inside seemed to be enjoying this, despite the gnawing sensation of the wind striking her moistened skin. Her clothes made for poor protection against the elements, never having been designed for such a purpose. Of course, by now, they were fully saturated with water, and clung onto her body, adding more unpleasantness…

The cat also hoped that her friend would return, but this thought didn’t consume her mind. Her large eyes, having drifted from the overflowing pots, were now scanning the area, almost in imitation of her trainer. There didn’t seem to be anything too unusual, the weather having driven most to take shelter. Anything could happen, however…

“Huh?” The girl’s mouth worded the simple response, something had finally been spotted. She was actually surprised, but not stunned. It did, however, take a few moments for her to get herself up and back toward her Pokémon.

The look on her Meowth’s face gave away the fact that, she too, had noticed the distant movement. From what she could make distinguish, it came from above the cloud line, and seemed to be headed in their direction.

Dahlia figured it wasn’t a person. She quietly debated if this was worth actually investigating, but she didn’t have the time to make up her mind. The feline’s large whiskers twitched abnormally and she darted outside, in the direction the movement came from. Yanma and the girl knew something was wrong, this was uncharacteristic of Min.
Not hesitating, Dahlia followed, although moving at any execrated pace was difficult because of the wet grass and the slopped landscape. Tripping wouldn’t be hard, not under these conditions, made even worse by a lack of light.

What was happening?

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