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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

[Dunev] Entei (M)
Legendary Beasts
Beasts' Camp

Dunev snorted at Aurora and turned his back. "In a guerrilla war, it's a battle of improvisation and tactics: ambushes and the like. Total war is where the goal is casualties." He half regretted his words from before but didn't take them back, instead trying for a graceful excuse. "Now, my sister and brother, if you do not mind... The quiet of the camp does not suit me, and does nothing but make me very irate. I think I shall withdraw to the forest, and attempt to find us some prey."

Then Dunev turned and bounded away, his long white mane billowing smoothly behind him, looking for all the world like the smoke of a fire this deluge was putting out.

[Darkclaw] Luxio (M)
Near Musketeer Territory

Darkclaw lifted his muzzle, trying not to feel nervous. If this Legendary Pokemon was with the Musketeers - or even worse, working with the humans - he could be in some serious trouble for not taking a side or just being a Pokemon, respectively. He pushed the wave of fear away and let his fur lie flat along his back - and with the rain, that, at least, wasn't hard.

"My name is Darkclaw," he snarled, "and I'm neutral in this war, if you don't mind, so don't start your 'pity my side' spiel." That gotten across, his voice grew slightly less tense and he said, "And I can tell you're a Celebi... What's your name, and how in Arceus did you get here?"
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