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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Chrono Genderless (Male) Celebi
Legendary Beast
Near the border of Musketeer Territory and Neural Territory

Sleep had come suddenly to Chrono as he opened his eyes to see nothing but quiet darkness all around him. Standing up he looked carefully around him seeing nothing but complete darkness in all directions. And after giving a sigh of relief he knew in an instant where he was.

He was no longer within the regular yet not fully within the void that lies beyond but somewhere in between. He had been to this place once before many years ago. It was here that Arceus would be able to contact him...

"Arceus! Your humble servant Chrono is here! Please grant me an audience so that I may be comforted by your wisdom!" he shouted into the darkness before humbling kneeling down onto one knee.

A few eerily quiet moments passed before a thick fog began to roll in directly in front of Chrono who kept his head respectfully downward. From the thick fog bank a creature began to form itself into a sort of equine like being. Its body color although being very wispy was white with a gray, vertically-striated underside, the pattern of which has similar recurrences on the underside of the creatures mane, tail, and face, and four pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves. Finally as the creature was fully formed its eyes emanated a bright yellow glow before it opened its mouth allowing its deep voice to echo throughout the world.

"Arise my faithful Servant..." his deep voice boomed as Chrono respectfully obeyed.

"I am honored that you would meet me amongst this plane of existence exalted one. My mind is filled with questions that only your wisdom can answer."

"I'm afraid our time is too short for that my child. My shade you see before you cannot withstand itself for too long in this darkened world. You must complete your quest if you are to save this world."

"But why can you not simply change this world back to what it once was?" questioned Chrono impudently interrupting his creator to which he quickly regretted as Arceus began to speak once more.

"It is true that I can restore the world to its former glory in an instant but I cannot change the evil that lies deep within the hearts of its inhabitants and without changing that the world would quickly fall back into darkness..." he said with a heavy sigh.

"Then why do you take away my time travel abilities? Surely there is some point in time where I could do more good than now?" he said glumly to which Arceus simply shook his head.

"No my child. Only now can you hope to save this world. You have the power to heal the hearts of those who have forsaken my name and grown closer to the darkness." he said as his body had slowly begun to disperse.

"But what if I fail again my lord? What if I can do nothing to stop the terror that is plaguing this world?" he began to say frantically as he saw more and more of the god pokemon begin to disappear.

"There will be others to help aid you in your quest. Seek the pokemon to the south and the north for only as you stand united with them shall your true strength return to you." he said as nearly all of him had begun to disappear except his glowing yellow eyes.

"But! But..." Chrono stammered trying to think of anything to say before his creator disappeared from him.

"Do not fear my child. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for I Arceus your God will be with you wherever you go..." his voice drifted off as his glowing eyes surged brightly blinding Chrono as he felt his mind be quickly pulled from the realm.

"ARCEUS!" he screamed as he quickly whipped his head up only to see himself back where he once was his body still lying in the thick mud as he brought himself to his feet. However his attention was quickly brought to a lone Luxio who stood his eye filled with surprise at its apparent discovery. With a sudden movement Chrono brought himself to his feet ready to defend himself against any attack.

As he stood there Chrono had stared deeply into the pokemon's eyes which to him had seen much pain, much strive, with traces of anger yet still and longing desire for acceptance before Chrono boldly spoke out.

"Who are you?"
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