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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

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Aurora shot Dunev a look, and gave a slightly sarcastic laugh. She wasn't the happiest legendary in the world, and seemed strangely irritable today, though she did her best to muffle the emotion. Her brother throwing accusations at her wasn't helping much.

"You wish. We'd probably have more in our ranks if I had been," she said, then snorted. Her azure eyes blazed with a cool flame. Her alabaster paw-pads were brown from the mud. "Haven't been able to find any of theirs or ours. We're fighting what the humans would call a 'guerilla war', where the object of both sides is to inflict as many casualties as possible."
Legendary Beast
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Encounters with the Lugia that came into Stormbreaker's view reminded the Rayquaza that the legendary had his doubts on occasion, had doubts that this was the right way to sort out their problems. In a way, their opinions were similar, but their affiliations differed greatly. At first, he was about to dive down and attack. The Lugia had been low in the air, but he hadn't wanted him to go any higher. And then the Rayquaza encountered second thoughts, and withdrew. He kept an eye on the Lugia, then dipped downward, past the ozone layer. He dipped into the clouds of the trophosphere, circling, his form eventually flashing in the gaps of the clouds.
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