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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Chrissie (Human, F)
Human Alliance
Inside the HQ

The man at the entrance nodded the okay. "She says to let you in."

For a second, Chrissie experienced a moment's doubt. After all, how the heck could she explain knowing Agatha's intentions without sounding like a lunatic? Oh, I heard you thinking about it? No. That didn't work in real life. Almost unconsciously, her hand fetched up against her Raichu's Pokeball. The peace of his dreams stole through her, and she relaxed somewhat.

Keep a level head, she thought. Panic won't make the sanity factor stronger, after all. The secretary nodded her towards an elevator, and said, "Top floor." Chrissie nodded thanks to the woman before entering, and pushing the corresponding button. The elevator churned upward, making Chrissie's heart leap into her throat. Her thoughts were racing. What if she gave her intentions away? What if she was denounced as mad? What if... What if when she went to the Beasts, they discovered who she was?

She took a deep breath. Relax, Chrissie. It isn't as if you can't fight your way out of most situations.

She had the most faithful team of Pokemon around, and she had been taught psychic arts by a Lugia. She would be fine.

Naturally, when the elevator dinged and the door slid open with a smooth motion, the first two things Chrissie saw were dark-types. Chrissie wasn't openly afraid of dark-types, but her psychic powers barely enabled her to interpret their speech, let alone defend herself against them. Chrissie kept her eyes on the Mightyena as she stepped out of the elevator. Then she looked at Agatha Lillith. "Um, hello, Ma'am. I... I had an idea of sorts. You see, I bond well with Pokemon and I was thinking that we could use more information on the Legendary Beasts' movements. With your permission, Ma'am, I'd like to try and... find this information for you."


[Dunev] Entei (M)
Legendary Beasts
Beasts' Camp

"Perhaps we should have helped them," Dunev growled. "Are you forgetting what we fight for, Jelani? If we don't attack the Musketeers' forces then how will they die? We need to move to action, fool!" he looked at Aurora and gave her a look. "Aurora... Have you been healing the enemies' wounded again? You know we cannot afford for any of the Musketeers' Pokemon to survive." He looked up at the sky, at the rain that would not stopped.

"Blitzkreig is what we need," he growled suddenly. "We need to strike the Musketeers now, while their losses are heavy, and fast. If we hit them now, with all that we have, we can topple them. And once the aggressors of this war are gone, the war itself will perhaps end."

[Lucent] Lugia (M)
Musketeer Alliance
Flying above the battlefield

Lucent hovered uncomfortably around the battlefield, looking down at the human corpses with guilt. His own claws were bloody, as was his beak, from the killing, but this was when the remorse began.

The regret the adolescent Lugia felt wasn't a stranger. Almost every day it seemed to eat him whenever he made any sort of move. He was constantly questioning himself and torturing himself with guilt. He wanted revenge against the humans for killing his clan, but...

Not like this. Not corpses strewn all over the grass. Not so many lives tragically short, not looking into every human face for that blond hair, that grey gaze...

He swung his tail around and changed his course. Chrissie wasn't dead; he hadn't even sensed her here. There was nothing for him her, in fact, but regret and pain. He landed with ease near the training clearing, where a young Houndour sat training the recriuts. Lucent knew he probably should have sought out Artemis or another healer, just as he knew that they were all busy with more dire cases and that the rainwater was already working its own special magic upon him. He basked in it, feeling the sting in his wounds diminish somewhat as the rain ran down him.
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