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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Milo Blossem
under sea cave

Milo started looking for Spike. He eventually found him sucking on his ear"there you are ya' little cutie." Milo was getting more and more of his memory back. "Time to start looking for an exit" After a while of searching there seemed to there was not an exit at all. Milo didn't Know what to do untill he saw Lyla in the cave looking for someone. Milo ran over to her asked "who ya' looking for."Oh there you are! I heard about your older brother deafeting you and having taken down here" Milo felt embarrassed "oh yeah. Sooo can you get me out of here?" Lyla grabed Milo's hand and swam him up to Island 1. "Let's battle now" "you're on."