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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Legendary Beasts
~Dawn will shatter over a broken land
and there will be no one to pick up the pieces.~
The thunder was ear-splittingly loud, but she did not hear it. Her ribbons rippled slowly, solemnly, and her mane did not billow violently like it normally did, even in the biting wind.

Too many were dying, and too many were dying fast.

Aurora's azure eyes slipped to Dunev and Jelani, her brothers. The echoing whispers of the Pokemon whose dying words had reached her ears stroked the back of her mind. She dipped her head and finished the treatment she had been delivering to the Pokemon at her paws. Treatment had been administered to all of these wounded now, but how long until more came was uncertain. She returned to her siblings.

"This rain just won't stop," she said, looking down the slope that their camp sat atop. "We should be safe from flooding, though, unless this rain continues for another few days, then the lower setups might be put into danger."

Aurora sighed, her head drooping and her eyes closing. Her claws kneaded the ground as anger temporarily flared within her. She did not blame their creator, Arceus, for this. She blamed the Musketeers. She hated them with a passion, but knew she wouldn't be able to help herself if she saw one of their troops dying. It was a result of war, and was going to happen, but a spark of hope inside of her told her that healing someone from the opposing side could add slightly to their ranks, or it could decimate them from the inside.

Legendary Beast
~The sun will set over a bloodied battlefield
and the moon will rise to solemnly greet the spirits of the dead.~
A lone, snake-like figure twirled slowly through the ozone.

From the ground, he was not visible, but from here he could see the battlefield below him. Ice, lightning, sputtering fire, and earth was thrown and blasted about at opposing Pokemon. Soldiers fell, but from here the Rayquaza could not tell which affiliation they belonged to. There were battles in the skies as well, but none of the Pokemon could see him at this height, nor could they stand the heat if they were to come up to this altitude. This left him with solitude, which was a companion he was tired of.

He observed the battle with a distressed gaze.
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