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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title: Young 'uns
Description of Gym Theme: Leader and challenger may only use NFE Basic Pokemon.

6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme: Eevee, Mantyke, Snivy, Trapinch (owned), Electrike, Charmander (rent)

Single/Double/Triple? Single
How many Pokémon per side? 3v3
Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions? Damage cap 50, 3 chills per Pokemon, no direct healing moves, no OHKO moves, DQ after one week off not sending.
What is the Gym Arena? There are four quarters to the battle arena. In the top right, there is a pool with some floating platforms (like Crasher Wake's Gym in the Anime). In the top left, there is a plain grassy field. In the bottom right, there is a sandy arena and the bottom left has many rocks of all shapes and sizes.
What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym? Own at least three NFE Basic Pokemon to use in the battle.

In addition, please provide links to all battles you have participated in, past or present. 1, 2.

Other things:
By 'Basic NFE', I mean a Pokemon that has an evolution but no pre-evolution.

Also, since the SU form only mentioned six Pokemon that fit the theme, what about the other two a Gym Leader needs to have registered?
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