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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Amaya [Mostly] Riku
Gatekeeper - Bahamut/Keyblade Wielder
Nexen Under City - Tunnel

Amaya looked at Sora when he spoke Bahamut’s name. Yes she had tons of explaining to do with everyone, luckily she tended to pay more attention in class than some of the other students did. Those students weren’t here however, they were missing. She listened to Ana and Rayna and Anya give their guardian status reports and she nodded at the two.

“It’s okay Anastasia, we didn’t expect to be attacked. We should refrain from using them unless we have to, to prevent drawing attention to ourselves and to give them a rest.” She said. “Yes, the call we sent out was to anyone, but we hoped keyblare wielders still existed because--”

At that point something very random happened that made Amaya take a step back and remain frozen on the spot. Riku, who was still trying to grasp the entire situation, slowly realizing that someone else knew his every mistake in the past, also took a step back, ready to strike with his keyblade just in case whatever appeared was hostile.

He was very lucky he didn't lunge forward, as his eyes grew wide with surprise. Riku relaxed as Kairi complained about them leaving her again. The silver haired teen rubbed the back of his head.

“We didn’t really do it on purpose, we got stuck in a tunnel...”

“Kairi?!” Amaya quickly put her hands over her mouth at her slightly loud outburst. Riku just looked at her, trying to remember she had read all about them.

“Yes they did have a tendency of leaving you behind didn’t they.” Amaya commented, helping the girl up.


“Right I shouldn't be talking about this, uh, that just make things even more weird...” Amaya muttered rather fast. “Let’s get moving, we can walk and talk at the same time. I have some explaining for everyone.”

Riku started to follow along side his two friends. “You’re going to explain this book thing more right?”

“Yes, everything. “ Amaya said, turning to look at him before leading the way down the dark, dimly lit tunnel.

“So...where you are right now is the world of Nexen. Nexen is a conjunction of every gateway to every world. Any world path meets here, however they were blocked away ever since the keyblade wars started ages ago. The people who live here are ones who were trusted to truly understand the natures of light and darkness, and those who truly do are Gatekeepers. Myself Anya, Rayna and Anastasia are...or were in training before the events that happened that caused you to be here now.” Amaya started. “Each Gatekeeper carries a Guardian Beast, and these beasts are the ones who determine Gatekeepers out of the crowd.”

“That’s almost like how keyblades work.”

“Yes.” Amaya nodded. “It’s said that Keyblade Masters and Gatekeepers are two sides of the same coin. Keyblade Masters can unlock anything, but Gatekeepers control the flow within. It’s like having a key to a locked door, but having something to mediate what goes in and out of that door.”

Amaya came to a fork in the tunnel, looked both ways before motioning everyone to take the right path.

“Nexen was thought of to be a safe and secure place. Everything started when books out of the Grand Compendium started to vanish. These books wrote themselves by some magic, of tales from other worlds outside of Nexen. That was people wouldn’t feel a prison of this world. Rumor also goes that there were two copies of each book made. One was a true copy, that if you destroyed it, everything that happened in that story, was to no longer exist. The second was a decoy in case someone tried to do just what I explained.”

The idea of having everything that happened to him and his friends simply erased because of literacy vandalism didn’t appeal to Riku at all. The idea of the books writing themselves seemed odd but he had run into stranger things in his recent years. That seemed to explain the book thing, but he had a sense that there was something else going on.

“Many of us Gatekeepers in training began to disappear too, along with our mentors. We three and my mentor were the only ones left by the time we had all the books safely transferred away to a haven. That night, only a few nights ago, there was a man in a black and white mask and dark cloak, looking for the book on the keyblade wielders.” Amaya paused for a second, trying hard to not be haunted by the fact Yamu was now gone without a trace. “We followed him out onto the central pavilion, swarmed by Heartless and some other masked figures...we could tell some of them were our fellow students but we don’t know if all of them are gone. We fought but he was too strong for we were told to escape by Yamu, and we took a leap and fell all the way down here.”

Amaya paused to take in a shuddering breath. That night was terrible for her, it was an utter nightmare for her to remember. Trying to focus on other things, she went back to her explanation.

“Our guardians must of protected us from the fall, because it’s thousands of feet back to the level where the center pavilion is...” Amaya said, looking up for a moment. “It was my idea to risk opening up a gateway to find help. Then you all came and sums up that part.”
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