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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Chrono Genderless (Male) Celebi
Legendary Beast
Near the border of Musketeer Territory and Neural Territory


Forever flowing like a river with all its twists and turns... Forever continuously reshaping and reforming itself...

It was on this river that a lone pokemon floated slowly along. Its small green body was quite visibly beaten and battered. Fresh traces of blood dripped slowly from a deep wound across its closed right eye indicating its unconscious state. For a few more moments the creature continued its journey before eventually slipping through a small light blue opening along the rivers side suddenly disappearing from sight.

The woods to the west of the valley were deafly silent where only the sound of the heavy rain could be heard. This slight calm was quite a pleasant change from the terrifying battle which occurred a few miles east not to long ago. The silence was soon broken as a sudden flux of light blue energy sparked through the forests tree line causing a small time portal opened up letting the small green pokemon tumble out onto the soft grassy ground rolling limply until he stopped abruptly by hitting his back upon a thick tree. Minutes passed before some raindrops of the heavy downpour woke the small pokemon from its slumber.

"Where... where am I?" spoke the creature with a weak yet still masculine tone as he tried to pick himself up before a sudden sharp pain coursed through his body forcing him to slump himself back upon the thick trees side. For a while he breathed heavily as he tilted his face up feeling the rains downpour upon his face, his mind beginning to calm itself ever so slowly. Despite the his obvious attention to the pain through his body one thing stood out in his mind.

"I've failed you Arceus..." he gasped as a few lone tears began to trickle down his uninjured eye quickly mixing in with the heavy rain. Mustering what little strength he could he pushed himself to his feet breathing heavily he steadied himself uneasily on his feet allowing him a better look at his surroundings. Around him was sparse forestry which was very uncommon to see in the new world order except in one place which made Chrono shudder in realization.

"I'm still within Musketeer territory..." he mumbled as he tried move himself once again only to drop down onto one knee.

"It's no use. That last jump into the time stream nearly drained me of the last of my strength. I need to get some energy if I am to survive..." he said as he held his hand firmly onto the large tree he had tumbled into just earlier.

"I've sorry old one. I swear your sacrifice will not be in vain..." he thought as he closed his eyes before beginning to channel the natural energy before him. Soon the large tree began to glow a light green hue before small streams of natural energy began to flow from it into Chrono. As more and more energy began to channel into his body, the visible wounds littering his body began to slowly heal themselves, first his cuts, then the bruises, before his final wound across his eye cleanly closed itself leaving only deep scar tissue in its place. With a final relived breath he attempted to stand once more finding it much easier than before albeit still quite sore yet much better than his previous condition.

Opening his eyes once more he saw the once strong healthy tree in front of him had become withered and dying. Its once thick green leafy foliage had now become dried withered crisps of there former selves and began to flutter downward onto the ground. With a heavy sigh Chrono stood up before checking his body for any leftover injuries finally ending his self exam as his hand grazed across the deep scar running across his eye.

Was this wound to be his punishment? A continuous reminder from Arceus to remind him of his defeat against the legendary trio...

"There is no time to dwell on the past." he said determinedly as his expression changing to match his words. "Although I may be still weakened from my previous battle against the Musketeer leaders, the rest of it should return once I jump to a previous period." he said as he readied himself to make another jump into time.

With a quick burst of speed Chrono began to run a quick speed before taking into the air, wobbling slightly at first before he steadied himself in mid flight. As his flight path became corrected he closed his eyes attempting to open a portal into time. As he strained his mental might he quickly gasped in realization opening his eyes just in time to turn himself to avoid a head on collision into another tree causing him to tumble back down onto the muddy ground as he slid painfully to a stop.

For a moment he lay there his tired body doing its best to recuperate itself before he slowly brought himself into a sitting position. Breathing heavily he stared down at his hand which was shaking nervously as one would do when under a lot of stress. His mind instantly registering what had just happened to him.

"I've lost my time travel ability..." he stuttered weakly before staring up into the darkened rainy sky.

"Why Arceus... Why do you test me..." he said as he slumped down onto the cold wet ground as the heavy rain continued to rain down upon his back.

Little did Chrono know that a small Pidgy has taken notice of his entire ordeal and with a quick flap of its wings took to the air eagar to report his unique findings to his musketeer leaders...
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