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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

OoC: I just want to say that even though I will be NPCing the remaining leaders, I want everyone to know that if you have an idea for any of them feel free to put them in your post without having me to post as them. They are currently NPCs, so if needed anyone can post with them. And also, Hitmonfighter, can you please delete some of the -'s in your post? It makes it way too wide to where the horizontal scroll bar is needed and that makes it difficult to read and type out posts.

Jelani (NPC)
Legendary Beasts
Legendary Beasts Territory
Lightning clashed again as Jelani, one of the Legendary Beasts, returned to his mountain home. He was displeased that some of his forces were in the battle was was between the Musketeers and humans, but he understood where they where coming from. The ones who have given their loyalty to him and his siblings want nothing more than to reestablish the lost bond. But still his forces were now having to deal with unexpected, and unneeded, casualties. The Thunder Pokémon roared out as thunder sounded, releasing some of his frustration. He had to be calm in order to lead his comrades to victory. If he let his emotions lead them, then his cause would experience more loses than needed.

After cooling off, letting the pelting rain wash away his frustration, he entered a tunnel that lead to a clearing inside the mountain. Above the clearing was a layer of crystal, protecting the people and Pokémon under it from the weather. This is where the injured were usually taken. He saw that some of his follow Pokémon were seriously injured and a few might not make it, but he swallowed his growl and turned his head to his sister in leadership, Aurora. She was a slender Suicune, her fur shining in the dim light. No one would guess that she was in many battles since her scars were covered under soft blue and white fur unlike Jelani, where some of his scars could not be covered by his thick yellow and black pelt.

"How many are we going to lose?" he asked.

"I can't be certain, Brother," Aurora replied. "We are doing all we can to heal the injuries, medical herbs for those not as bad and using healing techniques on those with more serious injuries to speed up the healing process, but it is still uncertain."

The tiger-like Pokémon sighed, letting his head fall. He did not like hearing that at all, and he knew that their brother would not be happy with it either. This war needed to end, otherwise he believed that both sides would end up killing each other. He then turned his gaze to Aurora, his red eyes meeting hers.

"Why do you think Arceus has left us? He abandoned all of us, human and Pokémon, to fight this out when clearly He can put an end to this."

"Maybe He thinks it's time for us to learn how to deal with these problems on our own. If we are to reunite Humans and Pokémon, then it shall be done. If we are to just fight until one or both of us perish, than that will be the outcome," Aurora replied to Jelani, her voice soft and soothing despite what she was saying.

"I hope it's the first one," Jelani said before lifting his head. "I better find Dunev and report to him. I couldn't find any other companions in the valley that were still fighting for life. It was mainly the loses from the Musketeer and human forces."

The Suicune nodded before the Raikou turned to leave. He gave one last look around and prayed that all his comrades would survive to fight another day for what they believed in. If any were to join their ancestors, then he vowed to not let them down and fight with all his might for their beliefs before exiting the cave to find the other leader.
Agana Lilith

Human City
The rain continue to pour from the havens, hitting the windows violently. It seemed like there was no end in sight and the falling rain was only getting heavier. It just how the weather was now, it took a small rainstorm to the extreme and risked flooding the valley. A woman leaned back in her chair to watch the rain hit and fall down the outside of the window in her dimly lit office, stroking the fur of a violet feline that was curled up on her lap.

"It looks as though this rain will stay for a few more hours before clearing up," she said in a calm, low voice, leaning back a bit more.

The attendant in the room took in a breath to say something, but it didn't go unheard by the woman. With her foot she slowly turned the chair around with a stern look in her eye. That look quickly silenced the male attendant, who now realized that what she said was a statement that was not meant to be replied to. She kept the chair where it was, but turned her head and rested it in the palm of her hand to continue to look out the window.

"How many have we lost?" she then asked, looking at the man in the room.

"About 48% of our men who went into battle, Ma'am," he replied, his voice clearly sounding his nervousness.

"How many captured by the enemy?"

"None, Ma'am."

"And how many did we manage to capture?"

"About 20 strong Pokémon, Ma'am."

The woman smirked as her hand now lay still on the cat. She turned her chair the rest of the way as she picked up the feline to put it on her desk before resting her elbows on the cherry oak desk. She looked at the area map she had spread out on the surface, thinking.

"They will have to be put in their place soon. They now have new leaders they must respect," she said, but then glared when the lights flickered. "Status report on the generator."

"Most of the electric Pokémon have run out of electricity. The only ones still running strong are the Electivire and Zebstrika we captured a few days ago."

"Well then, looks like we need to use this storm to our advantage. Hook up all remaining Electrics and any Pokémon who have the ability Lightning Rod to the generator and set them outside. I'm sure they'll be hit by the lightning, which we could use to recharge the generator. With this much lightning flashing, I'm sure we could get a almost a good month's worth of electricity."

"Right away, Ma'am," the attendant said before quickly exiting the room.

Agana then sighed, leaning back against the chair as the feline Pokémon stretched and meowed. She couldn't help but smile at the cat, stroking her behind the ear.

"Things are going to become more difficult, Cher," she said as the cat purred. "But not for us. That is if my plan works. I need to get someone, or more like something, on the inside of the Musketeers and Legendary Beasts. That way I can know how much they are suffering from these battles and if they have anything we need. It seems like both get more Pokémon out of no where, which isn't too bad seeing as though we are getting better at capturing the ones that could possibly strengthen our forces."

Agana then picked up Cher, her precious Purrloin, and held her as she turned again to watch the storm. She then felt some pressure on her legs, and when she looked down she saw a gray and black canine head resting there. She smiled, recognizing it as another one of her pets. This one was Wolfgang, a Mightyena. Her other pet was hiding in the shadows somewhere in the room, and that would be her Seviper she called Venom. She smirked as thunder roared, not doubting that she would lead the humans into victory and that finally the Pokémon would be put into their proper places.
Crystal Momoyia

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