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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

[Dunev] Entei (M)
Beasts' Camp
Watching the rain fall...

The battle-weathered Entei stared at the sky, wondering whether Arceus was watching the war unfold below and delivering an omen. He wondered who this anger was for: for he and his siblings, or for the accursed, overzealous Musketeers.

He also wondered whether it was just rain.

He rose, yawning, stretching his black-cuffed legs and shaking his powerful shoulders, making his long, thick mane whip raindrops all around me. The camp was unusually still: most were out hunting, or in the battle. Raikou had assured Dunev that camp was usually, in fact, near silent because of so much need to hunt, but he was unused to the stillness and didn't, frankly, enjoy it. The only reason he was here at all was that Raikou had impressed the need for a guard upon him. As usual, Dunev could not argue with his brother's logic, as the last time a real battle had been fought, the camp had been torn to shreds.

The Entei suddenly whipped around. A shredded Girafarig was wobbling into camp. He ran up to her, barking, "Healers! Now!" She fell against his side and he supported her as they hobbled awkwardly to the Healers' dens, with Dunev acutely aware that she was on his blind side. The equine was letting out low moans.

"Dunev, I see Giratina," she whispered. "Will he come for me?"

"No!" Dunev growled. He stopped as a crowd of Pokemon - mostly grass-types, as well as a couple of Blissies and the like - surrounded them, easing the Girafarig off of my shoulder.

Dunev bent down and growled in her ear, "Be brave; you are a warrior. Be brave like Arceus, and he will protect you, live or die."

Then Dunev turned abruptly and dashed out of the Healers' den. He looked up at the thundering sky and let out a huge roar, furious at his 'father'.

Oh, Arceus, thought the Entei, why did you let this happen?
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