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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Jerald Itami
Evil Gatekeeper-Diablos
Nexen Citadel Spire

Jerald’s excitement was broken with the man’s next words, "Yes, but Jerald, confronting them directly will only fortify their ability to resist us." Which meant Jerald couldn’t fight them, which was the main reason he was excited about this mission. But orders were orders, and as much as he hated them, Jerald would follow them. The Masked Man continued, "You carry with you Diablos…a key to this plan. Diablos is originally from another realm, similar to a Gate Hold; the plane of which actual Gates of Virtue exist. Use diablos to tip those scales in our favor…make the one who will try to oppose us lean towards that side…create a bigger shadow on their heels.”

Jerald smirked under the black and white mask he had on. He knew about that ability Diablos had, but had never been able to test it out. Now he finally had a reason to do so. He kept his eyes on the Masked Man as he walked away, but then he stopped and continued his explanation.

"Do not confront them directly…one of the Gatekeepers will not join us indefinitely…one may…should you make their shadow's greater…you wear them down…bring us closer to the one we need. Also, I trust your abilities, but I do not want fate to try and squander you because you fight for me alone…"

This annoyed Jerald. Sure he was outnumbered, but he outmatched them alone. It surely wouldn’t be a problem if he picked them off one at a time, and corrupted the last one standing. In the end, though, he decided to trust the Masked Man on this, because he seemed to have a better grasp of the situation than Jerald did.

"Take Daigali with you and tell him that this is one step towards what he needs. He is to aid you." The Masked Man instructed. At least Jerald would have somebody to talk to during this mission. He made a mental note of the words the Masked Man used, so that he could tell Daigali them. "Remember, do not directly engage them unless you have to. It is too early to let them know our true intentions quite yet."

And with that, the Masked Man was gone, only leaving behind a few words that Jerald interpreted as ‘don’t screw up.’

With nothing else left to do, Jerald turned and headed back in the direction he had come. All he had to do before heading to the Undercity was find Daigali.

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