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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Nightfang missed Brokenstar's disapproving glare, but had no trouble hearing Aggranium's words. "Nightfang, knock it off!" Aggranium growled at her. "He doesn't know any better, or have you forgotten that? Your memory seems to be worse than his!" The much larger pokemon seemed to tower over her, but Nightfang held her ground.

"You want him to anger that scyther and get hurt?" she snarled. But any further retorts were stopped when Chip called over to them. She glanced up at the strange scyther again, and forced herself to relax when she realized that the furret was right. This scyther wasn't looking to harm anyone. Yet.

She backed away from the tree a little, trying to seem a bit less hostile, but she was still watching the scyther, the look in her eyes making it no secret that she did not trust him at all.

“No...we just met him.” Rockpaw told Bladestrike, who just stared back at the espeon with a look of blank confusion.

He was soon distracted by the strange scyther again, and thanks to Sideswipe, he did not notice Rockpaw's injury. Instead, he looked up at the tree where Poppy and Torin climbed even higher. He wondered how they could climb so unafraid when they didn't have wings. Even though he was on the ground, he felt strangely vulnerable to no longer be capable of flight, even though he had no memories of flying. He wondered if Torin would be able to heal his wings so he could fly again...or was it Chip who was the healer?

He was distracted from trying to remember when the scyther leaped down from the tree and looked at everyone. “My pardons,” the scyther said, bowing. “On my honor, I swear to you that I mean none of you harm. Gladewing, at your service. If there is anything that I can do for you…?”

Bladestrike saw the scyther then glance at Nightfang, who still stood tensely staring at the newcomer. "Food," the mightyena growled. "Can you get us food?"

"But Nightfang," Bladestrike pointed out, "there is no food out here." He knew just by looking around that even experienced hunters would never be able to find enough for a group this big, and he couldn't remember eating.

Nightfang growled at him and then turned back to Gladewing. "Clean water would also be nice. If there is any in this stinking place!" She knew that even if there was, the group would not be able to venture far to find it. They needed to keep going to the mountains and to get out of the swamp as soon as possible.

Bladestrike couldn't understand why Nightfang sounded so angry. This scyther wanted to be helpful. And if he was going to help them, he might as well know what had happened and where they were going. "We're going to the mountains," Bladestrike told Gladewing, walking in front of Nightfang, who snarled at him and then walked a few paces away until she was at the back of the group, still watching the newcomer warily. "We're going to find a good place to stay there," Bladestrike continued, as he tried to think back to his memories of the valley and why he left. "You see, we came from a valley that dried up like the wasteland back there, so we had to leave, and then a pokemon attacked us, and um...after that we found this swamp. We're going to the mountains!"

"That's not what happened!" Nightfang shouted at him from where she sat. Immediately afterward, she almost regretted it. Why not let the stranger believe Bladestrike's crazy story? It's not like it was any of his business what happened anyway.

She tried to ignore Bladestrike as he continued to explain things to Gladewing in jumbled sentences that seemed to her to make less sense as he went on, Nightfang turned her gaze toward the mountains. We have to keep going soon, she told herself. We're wasting time.

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