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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Techno, Genderless (Male), Genesect.
Alliance: Legendary Beasts.
Affected Players: None.

The sounds of thunder, rain and lightning... Flashes from the thunder and darkness from the clouds in the sky... It was yet another day... Another day where many would die on this battlefield... Both human and pokemon... But why... Why can't humans and pokemon life together... Why can't they have peace... Why can't there be peace in the world... Why did this happened to the world... And the real question would be... How could they let this happen...!

I was looking at the sky. I saw the rain falling down... The darkness disappear by the thunder and lightning... But it came back again... I sat on a rock, on a mountain. I then looked at plains. I saw pokemon fight against humans, but I also saw pokemon fighting other pokemon... Why, oh why, couldn't they have peace... I wasn't sure of that... I closed my eyes... I was thinking... I opened my eyes again and jumped of the mountain. "I will not stop until there is peace between humans and pokemon." I shouted in a robot like voice. Then I began to fly... I was flying above the clouds... It seemed so much nicer without those clouds and thunder... The sunshine felt warm... I stayed here for a while...

Mystery, Genderless (Male), (Shiny) Ditto.
Alliance: Musketeers.
Affected Players: None.

I hided in a cave. "Blah... I hate rain... It makes me sad..." I said to myself. I was hoping someone from the alliance would come and bring me back. "Guess I have to stay here for a while..." I said while I sat on a rock. I concentrated myself to hear the waterdrops. But I ended into almost falling asleep. "Wha-... No... I have to stay awake!!" I said while I slapped myself. I was looking around, but there was nothing but a bunch of rocks. I sighed. I heared a roar, but I didn't really care. I could take any kind of enemy unless it would be a legendary pokemon. But I was just waiting till the storm would fall...
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