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Default Re: Glorious Battlers [Now Recruiting!]

Sorry for the inactivity guys but i have been thinking of some new leads in Pokemon B/W.

Here is what i have thought of:

Nature: Jolly/Item:Leftovers
~ Sucker Punch
~ Mean Look
~ Perish Song
~ Shadow Ball

So this is the first lead i had come up with and the whole point of this as you can see is to mean look on the first turn and Perish song on the next so he can't escape and depending on the Pokemon's type you should stall it.

Nature:(Any really works )
Item: Focus sash
~ Trick room
~ Thunderbolt
~ Destiny Bond
~ ___________(Any thing here)

This goes really well with a trick room to as it can set up the trick room at the first turn and it will probably be attacked and hold on with it's focus sash and use destiny bond next round and you have taken out a powerfull lead with a little Shuppet.
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