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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Rayna, Anya, and Terra
Gatekeepers(Odin) and Keyblade Holder--Good
Nexen Under City-Tunnel Entrance

It was surprising how fast Amaya could run at times, not that Anya or Rayna were really surprised. It was what they were trained for, in spite of their appearances, all of the gatekeeper girls were tough. Terra kept stride with them easily, checking back to keep an eye on the anthro rat to make sure he could really handle everything himself. When they came to a stop, Amaya was addressing Riku and Sora, explaining that she'd read about them in the Grand Compendium. It was somewhere in there she made a comment about the belief there were no more keyblade wielders after the wars, and that was when Terra, who'd been listening quietly, spoke up. "There were more of us after the wars--Master Yen Sid, Master Eraqus, and Master...Xehanort all had trainees after the wars." He said, practically choking on Xehanort's name. A light touch on his arm prompted him to look down, straight into Rayna's concerned face.

"Are you okay, Terra?" She asked softly, he nodded.

"Fine." He replied softly, Rayna looked as if she doubted it, but didn't contradict, as Amaya then addressed the gatekeepers themselves.

"Odin's still hanging in there." The girls said in perfect unison.

"Actually, he was devoting--" Anya started off.

"More power to Anya and I defending the gate--" Rayna picked up.

"Than he was to keeping the gate--"

"Open. He's not as drained--"

"As Bahamut and Cerberus--"

"Will be." Rayna finished simply, with Terra staring at the two in total amazement. "Yes, Terra?" Rayna asked as though nothing strange was going on at all. Terra shook his head slightly, and Anya smiled at him wickedly. Then the anthro rat spoke up, claiming to not have a keyblade and asking why he had been called if he was lacking one.

"It was a call for help, not a call for keyblade wielders specifically. We're in a bit of a nasty situation, you see, and we were just trying a bit of a last-ditch effort with this. We weren't even sure we'd get anyone to come." Anya said almost bitterly, Rayna glanced down.

"Actually, Amaya, you could probably explain better than we--" Rayna stopped as there was a bright flash and yet another, most likely final, warrior appeared on the floor by Sora and Riku's feet.

Keyblade Holder--Good
Destiny Islands-->Nexen Under City, Tunnel Entrance

Kairi knew the moment Sora and Riku left the islands, it seemed she had a radar on them when it came to that. Her heart knew theirs anywhere, and she knew when they were no longer there. "They did not leave without telling me goodbye." She growled, gripping the charm in her hand tightly. She'd given Sora the one she made for him when they got the letter, but she'd been working overtime between secretly training and hanging out to make one for Riku. This one would be a bit of a joke she got, and no one else would, but she didn't mind. Maybe she'd explain it one day, as she thought Namine's memories were quite interesting, and she knew Sora didn't remember it anyway. The shell charm she held tightly in her grasp resembled a paopu fruit, she was quite happy with it, and she'd been looking forward to pleading her case with them after she'd presented it to Riku. She didn't want to be left alone again, and so she'd trained by herself with the keyblade Riku had given her, and she somehow still had.

Even now, she could feel the tightness in her chest building up. What if they didn't come back again? What if something happened and she forgot again? What would life be like without Sora and Riku again--particularly Sora? She didn't want to find out, she really didn't. Kairi slid the charm into her hoodie pocket and clasped her hands together at her chest. "Aqua, how is his light supposed to protect me is he's always gone?" The memory was growing ever more fuzzy, but it was a faint memory she clung to. It was how she'd ended up on the islands, why she'd given her heart to Sora, was it why she--? Kairi didn't dare finish the thought, her cheeks turning faintly pink.

As if her almost-prayer had been answered, Kairi thought she felt the floor drop out from under her before everything went black. When things became solid again, Kairi wearily opened her eyes. She moaned at the colorful blurs that greeted her and squeezed her eyes shut again. When she opened them once more, she found herself looking up at Sora and Riku standing near her. "Guys," She grumbled senselessly "You left me without saying goodbye. Who does that to their friends?" Kairi asked drowsily.

OOC: If you didn't get Anya and Rayna with all the breakoffs, they're speaking in turn. And I love Kairi at the end. She's cute now, but she's gonna be moody once she comes back to her senses.

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