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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Gatekeeper - Cerberus
Nexen Under City - Tunnel Entrance

Anastasia leaned wearily against the wall, only paying half attention to what Amaya was saying. Due to Isataxansa and Ranna freaking out she already knew their dubious rescuers (she heard Isa scoff at the term) were Keyblade weilders but....the Keyblade weilders? The ones that Anastasia read about? She remembered being entranced by the story, even though her other two selves were disgusted with her fascination. She could picture the book clearly in her mind's eye, as if it were right in front of her face. She remembered the cover, the way the pages crinkled when she opened it, the smell of dust and paper and--

Dear gods, you are such a sensualist. Isataxansa interrupted, as revolted as if she were speaking to someone with a highly contagious and disgusting disease.

I'd much rather be a sensualist than a being whose every sense and emotion is nothing but a lie. Anastasia snapped back, tired of being picked on.

She felt Isa's rage and heard a shriek of wild laughter coming from the corner that they had locked Ranna into. The Nobody snapped something at the Heartless and soon the two were arguing yet again; in fact they argued more with each other than with Anastasia, something the girl never complained about. She shoved the two of them back and brought herself into the present again. She quickly got off the wall and hoped no one saw her momentary weakness.

"...yeah, that's how I know you guys." Amaya was saying, and Anastasia realized she missed the girl's entire speech. She gulped nervously, paranoid that someone had been watching her, although no one had a reason to since she had pretty much stayed in the back and avoided contact with anyone. She winced as the two in her head started shouting. Some people had theme songs that followed them everywhere, and it was just her luck to have two squabbling voices always shouting insults or suggestions at her or each other. She barely heard Amaya ask her about her Guardian Beast over the noise.

She wanted to smack herself. Cerberus! Duh! She quickly put a hand over the jewel sewn onto her belt and immediately felt a warmth travel through her hand. The three pointed jewel started to glow a warm red, like a live coal. Just like that Isataxansa and Ranna were abruptly silent, their voices were as far away and quiet as a gentle wind blowing through the trees. Anastasia allowed herself a smile. This was the real reason why Cerberus chose her, because he too knew what it was like to have three seperate minds vying for dominence over one body. Of course his heads actually tried to work together most of the time, but that was beside the point. "Cerberus is a bit tired," she replied. "He might be able to help a little though, we kinda stopped helping the gate before we could drain ourselves." She flushed a little and she hoped someone would interpret that as guilt. Much better than saying she lost control of her body to someone who didn't care one whit about the gate or not.

((And that's why I wanted Cerberus. :) PS: Ana's trying to keep Isa and Ranna's existence a secret, since she doesn't want people acting as if she's off her rocker.))
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