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Default [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Credit to Neo Emolga for the title.
Is it the end of the world? Or just the beginning?
The Pokémon world, everyone knows of it. A place where humans and creatures called Pokémon work together and live in harmony. People sometimes keep Pokémon as pets when others train them to become stronger and compete in battles or contests with other trainers. There are organizations that try to steal Pokémon or have a higher goal, but their plans are usually stopped before they have a chance to even get started. It seemed like everything was on the road for a good life.

Or should I say was on the road for a good life. Everything changed over night it seemed like to both people and Pokémon.

The once beautiful planet is becoming barren. Water sources are drying up and forests are dying. It is believed that this harsh change was partly brought on by the advances in science, but by this point in time it has been forgotten what actually happened. Science was pushed aside and people started to go back to the ways of old when they forged weapons and armor by hand with hammers and when they lived off the land, and if you thought that people still had a strong connection with Pokémon companions then you would be mistaken. With the limited natural resources, fights broke out between the Pokémon and humans, which eventually lead to a full-scale war. It wasn’t until the war broke out did the planet start to get in even worse shape due to it being their battle ground.

After some scientific experiments had negative affects on the environment, which lead to some Legendaries to be angered but put their abilities to trying to fix the damage done. When the earth became the battleground for the Pokémon and human race, things got worse. Aside from the oceans drying up and forests burning down leaving little greenery, national disasters are starting to become more frequent. Earth splitting earthquakes and massive tornadoes are tearing up the fragile planet crust. Volcanic eruptions may seem like that when the lava cools it's strengthening the surface, but it is changing the layout of the land. Not only are the Pokémon and humans have to survive fighting each other, they have to survive the natural powers of the earth that are in disarray.

Whereas the humans continue to change leaders, the Pokémon have had constant leaders. Leading the Pokémon army are the Musketeer Trio or Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. Cobalion is often referred to as the leader and main strategist, Terrakion is the brute strength of the group and often watches over the training of the recruits under their ranks, and Virizion tends to stay off the battlefield and helps with getting injured Pokemon to safety and helps make herbal remedies for their injuries or sicknesses. The three of them are against the human race with a passion, and believe that the world cannot return to its once beautiful state if they remain on the planet. Humans are contaminating the environment and need to be eliminated is the common idea the three share.

However, another trio of legendary Pokémon has rebelled against the Musketeers and believe that Pokémon and humans have to work together as they once did in order to bring the world back to where it once was. These three are the Legendary Beasts, made up of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. The three all work on strategy, training their lower ranks, and making rounds to make sure injured and sick Pokémon have what they need to be comfortable as they recover. Even though they do share the responsibilities, Raikou prefers to be a strategist, Entei likes to be right on the battlefield, and Suicune tends to make extra rounds to check up on their weakened companions. They believe that with Pokémon and humans working together, there is still hope to at least revive the earth and bring back the oceans and forests, even if it will not be the same as it once was.

When the Legendary Beasts rebelled against the Musketeers, a Pokémon civil war broke out. People noticed this and decided to take advantage of it to try to get the upper hand in the war. This caused the Musketeers to be enraged and they decided that any Pokémon that followed the Legendary Beasts and wanted to reestablish a partnership with the humans were not fellow Pokémon and had to be put in their place. They don’t think that though under Raikou, Entei, and Suicune need to be eliminated like humans do, but they need a reminder of what the human race has done to their world. And those reminders usually end up being physical.

Something similar has broken out with the humans, where some of them have hope to once again work side-by-side with Pokémon when others believe that they are too much of a pain to deal with and need to be taken care of "properly". Chaos continues to rule, and the rest of the Legendary Pokémon have tried their best to remain out of the battles but are at the end of their rope. The war has to come to an end, one way or another. Will the partnership between Pokémon and humans be reestablished and stronger than ever? Or will the two continue to try to ride the world of the other until only one of them remain?


-All PE2K rules.
-Must remain at a highest of a PG13 rating. There can be blood, violence, very mild cursing, and love, but anything that would make this a R rating or higher must remain out of the post and taken to the PMs if you feel the need to RP the scenes out.
-"Bunnying" is only allowed when a player will be inactive and he or she has asked for his or her character to not be left behind and has given permission for another player to play that character.
-Respect other players. If there is any disrespect towards another player or the RP itself, a warning will be given.
-Players' characters can die. It might be rare, but it can happen.
-Love is love, so please respect the players' decision if they decide to have their characters fall in love with each other. That includes same gender couples.
-No one liners! Please at least one, if not too much to ask two paragraphs in each post. And please try to be literate. My suggestion- type out your post in some sort of word document with a spell check.
-Fake moves are allowed, like for example those who know me know I have a Houndoom (or in this case Houndour) that knows a move called Ice-Flamethrower. However, if it is not a pretty much self explanatory damaging move, please at least give me some history on that move. If it has added on affects, I really need to know how the move works. I would just like to know how your Pokémon character learned the move and what it does in the History section of the sign up sheet.
-Some Legendary Pokémon can be playable characters, so if you are interested in playing a certain one please post or PM me which one you would like to play as and I will tell you if it is available or not and how it is tied into the RP plot give you my opinion on how I believe that Legendary may be tied into the plot. However, it will just be my opinion and in truth you can do whatever you like with that Legendary, just as long as you give it a gender since in my opinion most of the Legendary Pokémon should have a gender at least refer to your Legendary as more masculine or feminine, having your character referred to as "he" or "she" instead of "it".
-For the time being, only one Legendary Pokémon per player. I want to see how many people sign up first, and later on I may increase the number.
-If you are going to be inactive for whatever reason, please post or PM me out of courtesy so I can tell the other players of the inactivity and none of us think you are just blowing us off.
-Lastly, have fun! How this RP plays out depends on the players, so even I have no idea how it will play out or what the outcome will be.


Musketeers alliance:
Surge, played by CM
Mystery, played by Hitmonfighter
Lucent, played by aeoneeveemoon
Legendary Beasts alliance:
Techno, played by Hitmonfighter
Chrono, played by Redmario
Gina Seraphina, played by CM
Kiseki Kagami, played by DarkAmethyst
Gaia, played by Pyroboy74
Dunev, played by aeoneeveemoon
Aurora, played by White Wolf of the Snow
Stormbreaker, played by White Wolf of the Snow
Human alliance:
Agana Lilith, played by CM
Kyndeyrn, played by CM
Chrissie, played by aeoneeveemoon
Blaire Kailon, played by Pyroboy74
Darkclaw, played by aeoneeveemoon
Kyosan, played by Tombi
Dahlia Kanon, played by Moonlight


Thunder roared and lightning flashed. Rain was assaulting the dry crust of the earth for the first time in weeks. Normally it would be a welcomed since the valley filled with drinkable water in deeper slopes, but today was different. The water ran red down into the small slopes. In the valley lay bodies, some still moving and trying to get to help. Cries and whimpers were heard. They no longer cared about the battle they were in, but to get out and get helped.

From a cliff north of the valley was a large yellow shape. It's ruby red eyes scanned the area, disappointment showing on its features. The purple cloud on its back moved with the wind, which was stronger on the creature's perch. It was obvious that that losses were disturbing, as well as that no one was helping the survivors. As lightning struck behind the tiger-like creature, it let out a mighty roar.

Just then the red eyes saw something much larger push its way through the carnage in the valley. It glared at the creature, it being the tank of the apposing forces. It was plowing through the fallen humans, and only helped a Pokémon out when it was certain that it would fully recover or join its side. For a moment the two mighty beasts' eyes met before the second decided it was finished and ran to the only large forest that was left. The first beast roared again before disappearing deeper into the mountain.

This was the world now. Humans against Pokémon as well as Pokémon against Pokémon. No one can remember how it started, but somewhere in history the humans thought it would be better to use Pokémon instead of forming friendships with them and the Pokémon retaliated. Within the Pokémon group, some decided that it was best to eliminate the human race while others believed the old bond could be fixed and started a civil war. The outcome is still unclear, but one thing is for certain at this time. It's survival of the fittest and none of the forces that are defending their beliefs are giving in.
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