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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

(OOC: Hmm, do you think Terra would mistake Sora for Vanitas?)

Keyblade Bearer/Good
Nexen Undercity

Sora followed the others as they fled from the battleground, dodging what resistance they met. The lavender-haired chick that Riku helped earlier was certainly a fast runner, sharply turning around a corner and disappearing from sight. Panting lightly, Sora picked up the pace and tried to keep up, but luckily Riku had paused to wait for him. When the younger Keyblade Bearer caught up, he saw where the girl had disappered: off a ledge and down the tunnel aforementioned.

"You're slowing' up Sora," Sora's friend observed jokingly. "It hasn't been that long, you really slacked since the last time."

"Gimme a break, Riku," Sora laughed. "I'm just... you know, I'm just taking my time to warm up."

The spiky-haired youth smiled cockily back before jumping down on the ledge, turning towards where the lavender-haired girl waited in the tunnel's entrance. Yet Sora was caught off guard at her expression--as if something had just struck her. Before he could ask what was going on, Riku jumped down next to him, his keyblade in hand. Like he did, Sora briefly turned to look over the others following. There was an anthromorphic rat with them--which probably would have thrown most people off their feet, but Sora was use to those kind of things (besides, King Mickey was a mouse). The girl who had used the Gravity spell was drinking some strange potion or something... And then came two other girls and...

A keyblade bearer?

Sora couldn't help but stare at the stranger. Tall and brawny, there was something... familiar about him. Had he met him before?


What? Sora held a hand up to his head, suddenly feeling unsteady on his feet. As quickly as it came, the strange sensation left him. The boy shook his head, utterly baffled. Where did that come from? It seemed random, totally out of nowhere, but... he was certain that this fellow's name was Terra. How? Why? Sora looked warily at the stranger before hurrying into the tunnel, following behind Riku with baffled thoughts.

If he was hoping to escape more bafflement, Sora was out of luck. As he caught up, he noticed the lavender-haired girl looking at Riku inquiringly.

"…you're…name is Riku isn't it?" she asked.

Sora arched his eyebrows. She knew Riku? He looked over at him, wondering if they had met before on Riku's mysterious journey he had had while he and Sora had been separated. But Riku seemed surprised that she had known his name.

"Yeah…how do you know that?"

The girl took her time to answer, pacing back and forth. "You're going to find this insane but I've read about you, and Sora and all your adventures about the keyblade wielders."

"What?" Sora exclaimed, taken aback. Riku kept more of an even head, but held an expression of unbelief.

"Okay," the girl took a step back. "…there is a lot of explaining to do…and since I'm the one who is technically responsible for why you are all here…yeah. Anyway, first off, the reason I know about you and Sora and everyone else from a book is because we have a building here called the Grand Compendium. In it is a library of all stories said to be about adventures of heroes from the outside worlds. You were one of them…since everyone thought that keyblade wielders were no more after the wars…I read all about them and…yeah that's how I know you guys."

Sora stared blankly, not getting it at all. Books? about him and Riku? But... their adventures had only just ended. How could there be a book about them? Sora glanced at Riku uncertainly, but he looked just as confused as he was.

"Okay…that's a lot to take in but I'll just go with it for now…" the silver-haired teen said.

"Yeah, sure," Sora scratched his head with a half-smile. What else could they do? It's not like they had much choice... but hey, he was use to these kinds of things. For right now, he wouldn't let it bother him--even though this complete stranger apparently knew everything about him and Riku... Yeah.... wierd...

"Bahamut is completely wiped out after that," the girl qucikly changed the subject, looking at something on her hand. "Rayna, Anya, Anastasia, how are your beasts? I think opening the gate with them burnt them out a bit and attracted the Wyvern's to us."

"Bahamut?" Sora inquired, already suspecting that he was going to have tons of other questions to ask. Was he going to be able to keep up with all this? He caught Riku's eye as the teen glanced around for him, and Sora shrugged. What did they get themselves into this time, he wondered.

"That explains some," the anthro rat spoke up with a knightly air, "but if you were only calling for Keyblade wielders, then why myself as well? I am no Keyblade wielder, but rather a dragon knight of Burmecia, and I fear the longer I am away from my world, the greater the danger my kingdom is in ever since Alexandria began building their military might for what I fear may be all out war."

So he's from another world, too? Sora glanced at him. He moved his gaze to the others, wondering if any of the others were from other places, too. Well, Terra was at least--or so that was the feeling that he got. That weird, unexplainable intuition... He chose to ignore it, for right now...

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