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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Distortion World

Giratina was not happy with the crab-man on his back. Aur couldn't really blame it for it. He wouldn't have enjoyed having a crab-man crawl on his back if he were a gigantic extra-dimension eldritch ancient dragon. Well, that was impossible to really know for sure, but Aur didn't think he would. At any rate, he hypothesized that he would be a lot more effective about it.

Lacking the flexibility to turn its head all the way around so it could look at its back, Giratina could only feel a strange something climbing its dorsal side. Aur wasn't about to let it find a way to do any more than that anytime soon, so he immediately started attacking, manifesting a pair of metal blades in his hands to start slicing at its skin. "Helias, Fiery Dance! Ezekiel, Zap Cannon!"

Unfortunately, he lacked the kind of super effective moves that would have been nice to have against a legendary Pokemon. He wished he hadn't left his Galvantula in the laboratory; he was also something that would have been nice to have in a fight. As his two Pokemon started their corresponding moves, the Volcarona unleashing a torrent of flames while the Porygon-Z firing a beam of electrical charge at the eldritch dragon, Aur continued to slice at the Pokemon's back.

The moves connected; it would have been absurd if they hadn't, of course, being this close. Giratina roared, more in rage than in pain. It suddenly swerved to the right. Aur caught a glimpse of one of the massive, horizontal beams of sand incoming, and quickly started scuttling onto Giratina's side.

Boom. There was an enormous tremor, and Aur would've fallen off if he didn't have Ariados genes enabling him to stick to practically any surface. Giratina had slammed its back into the sand beam, attempting to crush him; fortunately, Aur could crawl onto its side in straight defiance of this world's strange gravity. Giratina whipped its head around, and out of the corner of its eye, caught a glimpse of its tormentor.

It was angry now. Giratina took off, sweeping past the Helias and Ezekiel, who had just caught up after having been caught completely unprepared for Giratina's sudden swerve. Aur decided to try projecting hand grenades and tossing them up towards Giratina's head. The attack seemed to be effective; Giratina roared again, this time more in pain than rage, then suddenly shot downwards--perhaps temporarily blinded, and simply heading in a random direction now?

Whatever the reason, they were now headed straight for a sandy landmass. With no way to control his unwilling steed's movement, Aur turned around and headed for Giratina's tail end as fast as he could. He reached it at about the same time Giratina plowed into the sand. Aur jumped, in an effort to reduce his velocity, but the force he managed to apply was meager at best, and he ended up leaving a small crater in the sand a little after Giratina did.

A chilling screech. Giratina had been unfazed by its collision, and now took back off into the Distortion World's sky. Aur could only look on in disappointment as his target flew away into the distance, blending in against the gargantuan swirling clouds that were the background of this strange dimension.

Helias and Ezekiel finally caught up. Aur shook his head. "Back to the lab," he said. They needed to figure out something to do.

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