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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

(OOC: I’ll post with Snowsong and Embyr soonish, I promise!)

Gladewing the Scyther

Added to all the threats thrown at him since he appeared, a Leafeon from down below had to add, “If you even think of harming anyone in this group, bug, you’ll be dealing with me.”

Right then, Gladewing considered just flying away. He really didn’t mean to upset these Pokemon, and they didn’t seem all that friendly…

"Come down here!" came another bark from the agitated Mightyena. "Quit hiding up in that tree, and we'll talk where everyone can see you clearly!"

Gladewing fidgeted uncomfortably, growing increasingly intimidated. This was bad. This was VERY bad. Just as he considered fleeing, a giant creature that looked like a sort of hybrid turned and reprimanded the wolf-like Pokemon. Likewise, Torin the Pikachu muttered some disapproval of the Mightyena’s behavior.

“I know she’s angry about what happened to Bladestrike, but when is she ever gonna learn some patience with him?” he said, though not really addressing anyone. “He can’t help it his memory is gone.”

Gone? The scyther’s memory is gone? Gladewing overheard, cocking his head. However, the Furret spoke up, trying to give some comfort.

“It’s alright. Nightfang might sound a bit harsh, but she’s a good Pokemon. She wouldn’t hurt anyone without a reason, really.”

Nightfang must be the mightyena, then, Gladewing glanced back down. But looking at the snarl on the wolf’s face, he wasn’t too sure of what the Furret had said. He quickly glanced away as another voice called up from below. This one belonged to an elderly Absol, her voice full of kindness that put Gladewing more at ease.

"Please excuse us for any harsh words,” she said. “We have been traveling for a while, so many tempers are running wild. I can tell that you will not attack us, but we would appreciate it if you came down to talk to us face to face."

“That’s Brokenstar,” the Furret explained beside him. “She’s really nice. They just want to know who you are. Nightfang and Isla –oh, that’s the Mightyena and Leafeon- they were just worried cause I got startled.”

Torin—as the Furret had called him—agreed with a nod. “She’s right. You should probably go down and introduce yourself.”

Was that really a good idea? Gladewing blinked at them before returning his uncertain gaze back down at the Nightfang and Isla. They wouldn’t attack him as soon as he landed, would they? How could he know for sure? Before he could ask, another Furret had a quick exchange with the one who had spoken to him. Was that her brother? With relief, Gladewing saw that he wasn’t as scary as the scyther had imagined.

“Really, go on down and say hi to everyone,” the she-Furret spoke to him again. “You’ll be okay.”

And with that, she continued climbing upward, with Torin following behind and calling her “Poppy”.

“Okay, then,” Gladewing reluctantly agreed, only because she and Brokenstar had been so nice. He hoped she was right about everything being okay. Bracing himself, Gladewing looked for a landing spot, then leapt off the branch. Using his wings to slow his decent, the Scyther landed gently on the ground before the strange group of Pokemon. For a moment, he took his time taking in the rag-tag pack, which included a variety of Pokemon. There was the Mightyena and the other Scyther, of course, but there was a pair of Absol (one a hybrid), another Pikachu, strange colored Espeon and Umbreon, a Aggron-Meganium cross, and the Leafeon. The most unusual crew Gladewing had ever encountered, but most seemed to be suffering from wounds.

What happened to these folk? Gladewing wondered, but quickly remembered to be polite.

“My pardons,” he bowed, copying the way his old mentor greeted others. “On my honor, I swear to you that I mean none of you harm. Gladewing, at your service. If there is anything that I can do for you…?”

He trailed off, glancing upwards toward the Mightyena, who seemed to be the leader of sorts.

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