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Default Re: Gmandiddy's Lag Log

Battle 100:
Helds On
No Weather

Legend Defender

Xali: Ambipom, Salamence, [Slowbro], Metagross
Husain: Blaziken, Gengar, Starmie, Garchomp

Xali started with Stealth rocks, while Husain was using Trick and Knock Off. The some switching, baton passing speed onto Metagross with Ambipom, against Gengar. Who then Ice Punch a incoming Garchomp leaving it weak. Garchomp roared Ambipom back in, who did the same, while Garchomp swapped for Gengar. Metagross was sent in and then used Zen Headbutt when Garchomp switched in meaning Garchomp was KO'd. Metagross exploded when Starmie entered, leaving it at minimal health. Ambipom came in and used Agility while it protected, then Thunderbolt. Then Baton Passed at the sight of Blaziken to Salamence, who then roared Gengar in for Crunch. Blaziken tried to Protect 3x however on the third attempt it failed and Salamence EQ'ed for victory

Xali gets $2000 + Bragging rights for owning a legend
Husain gets $1000

I should get $2000 for reffing
Salary: $8500



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