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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Sir Fratley
Dragon Knight - Good
Nexen Under City - Tunnel Entrance

As the main group of humans headed toward the tunnel, Fratley followed behind them, using jump attacks to bring down any wyverns that swooped in to attack him or the group. Once he reached an area where the humans turned into the tunnel, Fratley let loose with another of his dragoon spells at the encroaching hordes. Striking his bladed lance into the ground, Fratley used his magic to conjure up 6 elemental dragon spirits: water, fire, wind, earth, holy and dark. All six rushed forward, sweeping through the wave of heartless and wyverns. With the coast clear, Fratley retrieved his lance and headed into the tunnel.

Fratley walked up to the group and listened to Amaya's speech. So, she was the one responsible for what happened, but it was not an intentional attack on Gaia, but rather a call for help, and some of the heartless slipped through her spell. As she spoke of Keyblades, he noticed the weapons the ones called Sora and Riku possessed. They did in fact resemble a cross between a sword and a key.

"That explains some, but if you were only calling for Keyblade wielders, then why myself as well? I am no Keyblade wielder, but rather a dragon knight of Burmecia, and I fear the longer I am away from my world, the greater the danger my kingdom is in ever since Alexandria began building their military might for what I fear may be all out war." Fratley asked.
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