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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Gatekeeper - Bahamut / Keyblade Weilder
Nexen Under City - Tunnel Entrance

Amaya ran as fast as she could and she was rather nimble for not being so athletic. She could hear footsteps behind her, knowing the others were following. She heard Rayna mention something about bad timing, which Amaya could agree to and not agree to. Timing was bad as in a bunch of random strangers came to their aid like they were hoping, bad timing was that they were being attacked by a bunch of wyvern heartless, and were now running for cover. Amaya turned a corner and jumped off a ledge, down into a puddle of water. She quickly pivoted and turned back into a dark tunnel with a dim set of lamps. Amaya stood just outside the entrance of the tunnel so that others wouldn't continue going forward and would go back. Riku stopped just before the ledge and looked back, watching as others would go past and down into the tunnel, and making sure Sora was following fine without any trouble. He saw one of the other members of the band of mysterious misfits carrying a keyblade and he couldn't help but know who that was. There was something important nagging on the back of his mind, but he couldn't think of it now, there wasn't much time for that.

"You're slowing' up Sora," Riku commented. "It hasn't been that long, you really slacked since the last time."

The last time being their events with Xemnas. That seemed like an eternity ago, but he remembered it well. Down below Amaya could hear everything as she made sure that nothing came from down deeper in the tunnel or from the street that lead into it. Sora…that name stuck in her head and rang like a thousand bells. No it couldn't of been.

Figuring that everything was safe enough up there, not a Wyvern in sight yet, Riku jumped down and joined the others in the tunnel, still holding the Road to Dawn in his hand for good measure. He wasn't liking the idea of more dank and dark but he had no idea where he was or how he got here and needed some answers. He stopped his thoughts when he found the lavender young woman looking at him with a slightly curious look.

"…you're…name is Riku isn't it?"

"Yeah…how do you know that?"

Amaya took a step back and started pacing back and forth in the tunnel entrance, muttering things to herself that just made Riku look at her like she had some sort of screw loose in her head. Finally Amaya stopped, unaware if anyone else or everyone else was down there now or not.

"You're going to find this insane but I've read about you, and Sora and al your adventures about the keyblade wielders." Amaya said.

Rku said nothing but the expression on his face was clearly saying 'yes I do find that insane…'

"Okay…there is a lot of explaining to do…and since I'm the one who is technically responsible for why you are all here…yeah." She started. "Anyway, first off, the reason I know about you and Sora and everyone else from a book is because we have a building here called the Grand Compendium. In it is a library of all stories said to be about adventures of heroes from the outside worlds. You were one of them…since everyone thought that keyblade wielders were no more after the wars…I read all about them and…yeah that's how I know you guys."

Riku was a bit dumbfounded, which rarely happened with him at all. "Okay…that's a lot to take in but I'll just go with it for now…"

"That's not everything I have to explain…" AMaya said a bit nervously. "Everyone here and alright?"

Amaya looked at her guardian crystal, which was barely giving off any light of its own.

"Damn…Bahamut is completely wiped out after that…Rayna, Anya, Anastasia, how are your beasts?" She asked. "I think opening the gate with them burnt them out a bit and attracted the Wyvern's to us."

Riku just stood and looked around for Sora, and looked at the rest of everyone who was there. He had a feeling this was going to be another one of those days again.

Masked Man
Evil Bad Guy
Nexen Citadel Spire - Lower Levels

The Masked Man looked at Jerald, ignoring his other comment but noting it anyway. He seemed to give a deep slight laugh at the gatekeeper's eagerness to go. Yes, they indeed were there, but the Under City was a vast maze of old history and shadows. It wasn't going to be easy to find them, even though the villain knew that Jerald would find them quickly. However, there had to be a certain way of doing it.

"Yes, but Jerald, confronting them directly will only fortify their ability to resist us." The Masked Man said firmly. "You carry with you Diablos…a key to this plan. Diablos is originally from another realm, similar to a Gate Hold; the plane of which actual Gates of Virtue exist. Use diablos to tip those scales in our favour…make the one who will try to oppose us lean towards that side…create a bigger shadow on their heels."

The Masked Man walked past Jerald as if to leave and let him go, but he stopped, not finished with what he wanted to explain.

"Do not confront them directly…one of the Gatekeepers will not join us indefinitely…one may…should you make their shadow's greater…you wear them down…bring us closer to the one we need. Also, I trust your abilities, but I do not want fate to try and squander you because you fight for me alone…"

He turned his face and 'looked at Jerald.

"Take Daigali with you and tell him that this is one step towards what he needs. He is to aid you." He instructed. "Remember, do not directly engage them unless you have to. It is too early to let them know our true intentions quite yet."

With that, the Masked Man left in the darkness, leaving behind a few final words.

"My trust is in you Jerald and Daigali…"
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