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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Jerald Itami
Evil Gatekeeper-Diablos
Nexen Citadel Spire-Lower Levels

To Jerald’s knowledge, nobody had ever been down to the base levels, which made him all the more eager to find out what the man wanted. As he approached the door to the lower levels, he could see nothing more than the white part of his boss’ mask. After the Masked Man thanked Jerald for coming on such short notice and explaining why it was Jerald who was summoned here, he motioned for Jerald to follow, which he happily did.

As they walked, the Masked Man began explaining the basis for his plan, which Jerald found very interesting. He had always assumed that Light and Darkness were the same exact thing as Dawn and Dusk, but the Masked Man had just said that was wrong. Jerald didn’t know whether he entirely believed that or not, and there was only one thought in his mind right now, If that’s the truth, then how does he know it?

He didn’t expect to end up on a walkway overlooking a room full of machines and cages. The Masked Man then proceeded to explain that his plan was, and it made enough sense to Jerald. However, he couldn’t help but notice that the man mentioned the Unversed within that explanation. “Heh, funny. I didn’t think there was anybody left in the outside world who knew about the Unversed.”

When the Masked Man turned to face him, Jerald got nervous; perhaps he had said something he shouldn’t have. He let out a sigh of relief as the man seemed to ignore his statement. "We need at least one more Keeper…and to find those who eluded me before…then we can open the Final Gate. Jerald, this is a duty that I entrust to you…"

Jerald seemed to forget his nervousness altogether, and let out a rather high-pitched laugh that one wouldn’t expect from a man of his stature. It almost sounded insane. Almost. “They’re somewhere in the Undercity, right?” He asked, his voice starting out as high-pitched, and - almost - insane as his laugh, but regained composure about half way through. As he asked this a Corridor a Darkness was opened behind him, it’s destination the Undercity. As soon as he had confirmed that his destination was indeed the Undercity, he was going to rush into the portal. He finally had something to do.

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