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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Nobody stuck in the body of a Gatekeeper
Nexen Under City

A frown creased Isataxansa's face when she saw the new arrivals. Great, they were bound to get in her way. She dealt with two more Wyverns before she looked over to get a good look at the newcomers. Her eye widened and she gripped her whip in shock. Those were the Keyblade weilders!!!

Ranna screamed in her head, and both Anastasia and her Nobody flinched in pain from it. Keyblade! Key to Hearts! It hurt Heartless! It burn, it kill, getitawaygetitawaygetitawayGETITAWAY-- The mantra of shouting went on, as mindless and endless as a dog barking in the middle of the night. With an effort the both of them shoved the crazed Heartless into one of the deeper corners of their shared mind and let her scream to herself.

Once her howls became just background noise they could suddenly hear Amaya loud and clear, telling them that they needed to run. Anastasia agreed but Isa sniffed, as if offended. Please, I can deal with these nuisances. She reached a hand up the her face, her fingertips delicately brushing the fringe that completely covered her left eye. Well, in Anastasia's case her left eye would be a sickly yellow, like a Heartless', but with Isa in control there was no eye at all, but a decaying socket. She started to brush the bangs aside. I just need to reveal my eye. My powers will make them all shrivel into corpses in a minute. Any ot--HEY!! She flinched and let go of her hair as Anastsia quite suddenly took control.

"No, you won't," she muttered to herself, straightening her hair and hoping no one noticed anything. No one was supposed to know about her little problem, she tried to keep the existence of Ranna and Isataxansa a secret. She straightened up and started after Amaya, not wanting to be left behind because she was busy fighting parts of herself. "Thunder!" She called out, whipping her bolas around. Bluish sparks danced along the spikes and struck the Wyverns who were trying to get back up, dropping them again as the shock paralyzed them. She took shelter at the entrance to the tunnel and quickly popped off one of the bottles that had been strapped around the belts on her chest. It was a Mega-Ether, and she tossed it into the air. She used them because for some odd reason regular Ethers wouldn't replenish all of the magic of her different selves--something Isa used to complain about to no end--but now it would also heal the rest of the crew, thankfully.

Well don't you just have the bleeding heart, Isataxansa remarked caustically. She was never very happy when she lost control of the body.

Anastasia flinched, not out of tone but the choice of words, and she knew that had been Isa's intention. The fact that she lost her heart was always a sore spot for the three of them, and Isataxansa never heasitated to turn the memory into a weapon for her own purposes. She tried to ignore the snappish Nobody and caught up with the others, hoping that nothing looked wrong wth her.

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