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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Rayna, Anya, and Terra
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"About time!" Anya shouted, though whether or not the outburst was due to Terra finally putting her down or the Gravity spell dropping the Wyverns, or Amaya leading them away. However, the moment she was free from Terra, Anya went to town on downed Wyverns blocking her escape route, with Rayna and Terra tagging along behind.

"She's thankful, just moody. She doesn't like it when people help her in a fight like that, and she won't say thank you, but I will. Thank you for saving my sister. I'm Rayna." She said, turning a soft smile on Terra and then turning her gaze on Anya, who was running ahead.

"You're welcome, Rayna. I'm Terra." He offered as the smaller girl broke into an easy run, and he did the same.

"Nice to meet you. The timing could have been a bit better, as this situation is a bit new to us, but new people are always interesting to have around. Especially if they're helpful." Rayna replied, still smiling. Terra was taken a bit off guard. This girl was undeniably cheerful even in the face of danger, as well as kind, she reminded him of Ven. He couldn't shake the idea, and them he saw someone ahead that he swore he knew. The tall young man was running alongside another woman, long silver hair being the main thing that caught Terra's eye in the first place, he was now positive he knew the young man from...somewhere, but he just couldn't think of where from...

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