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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

OOC: sorry if its rather short, im trying to finish Tobias's su lol... it's turning out to be about as long as Latio's :D

Nikolai Holmes
Xexan Bodyguard
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol kind of…

Keeping to the shadows and staying unseen was my specialty. It really wasn’t that hard to find Yew, I broadened my mind and found her aura almost at once. She was up and across a few floors from where I was. I also sensed Rolph on his way to Yew as well, perhaps he forgot to tell her that I would be like him… I just hoped that Yew wouldn’t be too angry with Rolph. I slid through the halls up to the room where she was I also noticed there were other auras in the room as well, I decided to conceal mine I didn’t want to disturb any sort of meeting that Yew was in, it could be fatal…. Anyways as I slid through the shadows I caught a few words of what everyone was saying. I stayed unnoticed in a dark corner of the room and from the looks of things it was serious, Siphon was using the media to shoot down Xexan, and from what I’ve seen they were doing a good job of it. One of the wonders of being able to slip through solid object is that you never have to take a long route. I sensed Rolph on his way up and as he entered the room, he turned heads as usual. Being a Bellossom Pokemorph was an occupational hazard if you were trying to stay unnoticed.

He headed over towards the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, everything from her waist length golden hair to her flawless skin to her crystal clear blue eyes screamed of beauty, even her tails that signified her being a Pokemorph was beautiful. It was hard to believe that this woman was Fennel Yew and that she was already over a hundred years old. As Rolph gave his message to Yew, she seemed to explode with rage. While her façade remained calm, I could sense what others couldn’t, the calm of her aura from before the message raged around her. I decided to stay hidden in the interest of my own self preservation. If what I read from her portfolio were true, I could be in for a whole world of pain.

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