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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Evil Gatekeeper- Quetzacotl
Nexen Citadel Spire

The citadel was silent, except for the sound of the cool wind rushing in through a nearby window. There upon a smooth marble wall Daigali leaned quietly wall deep within his thoughts.

Daigali had a somewhat-elderly and bedraggled appearance. His most noticeable feature was his snow-white skin color making him appear like a ghost as he stood in the complete darkness. He had long, unkempt, gray hair parted down the middle of his head, long, pointy finger nails, and wore a dark blue button-up shirt with matching pants. His facial features were unable to be seen as he wore a half black and white mask showing his allegiance to his dark master.

It not been long ago that he fought along side other Gatekeeper as they pushed the foolish protectors of the light out of their former home to which Daigali was more than happy to oblige. He had never really felt at home amongst the other people that lived in this world for how could he? For him he felt as though he wandered through this mortal existence a mere shell of a former man.

How could the light even hope to understand what he had endured... what he had felt... what he had lost...

"Lucilia..." he whispered as a few tears began to trickle down his cheeks until they stopped at the base of his mask by his chin.

How he longed to see her once again... To hold her... To feel her soft touch upon his cheek..

"No! I mustn't think of such things!" he thought angrily to himself as he punched his fist into the wall before slowly pulling his hand back to his side leaving a small trace of blood as he quickly composed himself before walking down towards its lower levels.

He could spend an eternity remembering his sweet Lucilia but he knew there was still work to be done... still more blood to be shed. He knew he must speak to his master in order to find his next course of action.

"Don't worry my love you will be in my arms soon enough..." he said coldly as he began to descend the steps into the citadels lower levels.
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