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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Keyblade Bearer -- Good
Nexen Under City

The first thing Sora became aware of was a nudge on his shoulder. He gave a groan as the gentle motion pulled him from unconsciousness. Distantly, he could hear a voice--one that seemed familiar...

"C'mon you lazy slacker, no time for a nap now," it said.

"Ugh," the brown-haired boy groaned again, shifting in his sprawled out position on the floor. "Five more minutes, Riku..."

Every inch of his body complained in stiffness, and moving right now... just sounded painful. Granted, the rocky floor beneath him wasn't very comfortable, but...

Wait... Where was he?

Sora became painfully aware that he wasn't in his bed back at the Destiny Islands. Jerking upright abruptly, all his memories came rushing back to him: the sunset at the beach, wandering down a tunnel, falling... Blinking his crystal blue eyes, he took in his new surroundings. Old, run-down, really damp. Definitely not one of the most inviting worlds he'd ever been to. But how did he end up here? What the heck happened back there with the tunnel?

"Riku? Where do you think...," he began, but soon noticed that his friend's attention focused elsewhere. Before he could ask, the younger teen soon caught on. It sounded like a struggle somewhere in the distance. Sora scanned the distance to try to pick up where it was coming from, when suddenly Riku was taking off.

"Hey, Riku!" Sora gasped in suprise, then scrambled to his feet. "Wait up!"

He summoned his Keyblade to his hand, the Kingdom Key flashing into existence from who knows where. He chased after Riku, until they suddenly broke out into the battleground. Wyvern Heartless were everywhere--and they were fighting an odd group of people. Without hesitation, Sora and Riku lept into the fray.

Sora quickly lost track of Riku as he concentrated on the Heartless before him. Summoning up some Fire magic, he surged forward in a burst of speed, flames encircling him as he charged into the draconic creatures. The force of his magic caused the creatures closest to him disperse in black smoke. Placing his other hand back on his Keyblade's hilt, Sora turned at struck at a Wyvern that swooped towards him. As it streaked by, the crown at the end of his Keyblade tore at its side, causing it to crash into the ground before disappearing with a released heart.

Others attacked, and Sora retaliated, but with each flash of a released heart, more kept coming. Getting a brief moment of freedom, Sora glanced around the battlefield, realizing that they were surrounded. Was there any chance that they could win against this army?

"Sheesh, maybe I've gotten a little rusty," Sora panted, shaking his head with a smirk.

Suddenly, a Gravity spell pulled some of the Wyverns to the ground. Sora blinked around in surprise, but caught a glimpse of Riku next to some girl.

"There's a lower tunnel just a few blocks south from here," he heard her command. "We'll be safe in there for awhile, we need to go before more come and trap us in this small pavilion!"

Right, Sora nodded, tightening his grip on his Keyblade. He glanced over at the young woman who had cast the Gravity spell, she being the closest to him. Vaguely, he wondered who she was, but the need to escape was more pressing on his mind.

But... which way was south? Sora scratched his head for a minute, realizing that his sense of direction had been skewed when coming rather abruptly to this place. In the end, he decided just to follow everyone else--and give them support if needed. Keyblade ready in his hand, he raced towards Riku and the other girl.

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