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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

Whoops. Really sry. If you want CM, that was something real big, so go ahead, take ur Pokemon back. Raichu took my Pokemon.

"I'm goin off on my own." Kieran said
Kieran finally reached a Pokemon Center and withdrew his Metagross and Absol.
"C'mon guys, we have to find out what's going on."
Kieran arrived in Vermillion as it started to snow. Storm, his Raichu, was there, too, surrounded by Police with Growlithes.
"We have you surrounded, you pesky rat!" said an officer.
"GROWLITHES! MUD-SLAP!" they said in unison.
Mud flung into Storm's eyes, but he shook it off.
"RAAAICHUUHUUHUHUHU!" Storm screamed. The police were fried.
Kieran stepped up. "OK STORM! THAT'S ENOUGH!"
A shady figure came up to Kieran. Lt. Surge.
"What's goin on here?" said the Gym Leader.
"My Raichu has gone crazy!"
"Hey, it's Kieran!"
"Yeah,yeah. HELP ME!" Kieran cried.
"Ok, ok, GO RAICHU!" Surge screamed. The Raichu came out ready to fight. But the Raichu stiffened up. Black electricity surged from both of them.
"The Pokemon are going crazy!" Kieran said. The Raichu's mouths widened, and a light surged. Hyper Beam.

Suddenly, all the Pokemon from the city came out. All ready to attack Surge and Kieran. Kieran's Metagross and Absol broke from their balls. All ready to do one attack. Hyper Beam. Eevees, Magnimites, and Tediursas, oh my!

PHEOEOWOOWOWO! Kieran dived out of the way with Surge, some of the beams skimming their arms.
"AHHH!" they screamed. After the beam was done, every Pokemon fell to the ground, and the sun came for once in a week. But the sun was bright. Too bright.

You versus me? Funny.
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