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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

OOC: Supremist and Nova Eevee, if you guys wouldn’t mind including the header of what your character’s name is, side affiliation, and location is, it would help other RPers find you and interact with your characters.


Alex Waters
Xexan Technician
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

My shift of “Exit Duty” had been over. I was on break for a little while considering all the systems were up and running without a hitch or a scratch. But that was short-lived when someone else came into my work area. I turned around and looked to see it was “Puffy Bunny,” or “Sami” if I felt like being politically correct, which was somewhere between never and nowhere. The big Lopunny and Whimsicott Chimera practically took up the entire doorway and then some, but she really didn’t seem to care or be concerned with any of that.

“What’s up, Bunny?” I asked her casually. “Don’t tell me that computer’s video card got messed up again.”

“Not that, it’s a few other things,” She told me quickly and frankly. “Hunter Jinik informed Fennel that we’re having competitive issues with Siphon. Turns out, they’re marketing themselves with advertising and propaganda. If the trend continues, Siphon’s going to outnumber us, and I think it’s pretty clear Fennel doesn’t want that.”

I was pretty sure none of us wanted that, really. However, what she wanted me to do about it, I wasn’t really sure. Heck, I didn’t know how this involved me in the first place.

“Nothing to sweat over,” I told her, kicking back. “It’s a matter of product, price, place, and promotion. Forget the whole issue the Tempest Virus. People don’t need to be reminded of that. What we need to do, is make becoming a Pokémorph seem like a really good and awesome new start on life. Kind of like… buying a new house, or getting married. Something like that.”

Problem was, I didn’t think Xexan had the recording studio, the equipment, and the budget to do something like that. Whatever money we spent into this meant spending less into research.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to do that,” Bunny told me, looking optimistic. “Fennel should show herself on TV, and tell the world how Xexan’s research has changed her. Alongside her should be all the good-looking Pokémorphs that greatly benefitted from their transformation.”

“But… let me guess, that’s not my part,” I told her, nodding slowly. “Fennel probably wants me to do something a bit more malicious to Siphon’s side.”

“Well, she never confirmed that,” Bunny replied, looking a little sheepish. “Why don’t you find out what you can do, and let Fennel decide what kind of plan she’d like you to implement?”

“I’m all over it,” I told her, sitting up and turning the computer on.

She then left, and I loaded up the system. Linking to Siphon’s website and networks wasn’t difficult at all. In truth, I wasn’t all too crazy about letting people know about my hacking ability. To me, it just seemed geeky. From what I could see, they had an informative walkthrough on what the cybernetic conversion process was like, advertising it as painless, reliable, and tried to convince the reader that they were trustworthy and knew what they were doing. They also dumped in a lot of statistics of how many people have come to Siphon already to undergo cybernetic treatment.

There were a bunch of options we had, plenty I could see right off the bat. Those FBI documents that guy Chris Logan gave to us could be pretty handy if we uploaded those for everyone to see that Siphon and that Vickers guy were the reason there was a Tempest Virus in the first place. Yeah, I was sure that those “trustworthy” feelings Siphon was trying to instill in people would take a royal beat-down if they read up on this. Or, I could go the alternate route, and make those documents viral on the internet.

Taking down Siphon’s site wouldn’t be too hard either. Just meant coding a few algorithms that sucked up their bandwidth like no tomorrow, so loading times were slow as a three-hundred year old dog chasing a slug uphill in a blizzard. They wouldn’t be able to tie it back to Xexan either, not the FBI’s documents, and not the bots either. Even if they did, it didn’t matter.

She was in a meeting at the moment, so I decided to email her instead. Around Fennel, people needed to treat her like she was the queen of a really important country. For that, Jewel was right, we needed to treat her like a goddess. Pissing her off meant getting a crapton of really painful and miserable curses.

-Hey Fennel

Bunny informed me of Siphon’s propaganda scheme and all that other stuff. She told me that Xexan might start their own advertising campaign, which is cool, but I was wondering if you’d like me to shower a little rain on Siphon’s parade. Remember those really confidential documents that FBI guy, Chris Logan, gave to us? I’m sure people would get a kick out of learning Siphon’s the one responsible for the Tempest crap in the first place. Besides that, I could mess around with their website, eat up their bandwidth, and essentially make it hard for anyone to look at it. Can’t say I can do much to their television ads, but I’ve only just gotten started.

And yeah, don’t worry about the bots I’d be programming. They’ll latch themselves onto another anonymous people on the internet without them knowing, and they’ll call up bandwidth from Siphon’s site without displaying any actual content. That way, no one knows its Xexan who’s doing it.

But yeah, just give me the go, and I’ll start picking poisons for them. But, if you’d rather play it on the safe side and play nice with them for a while, hey, it’s no problem.


With that said, I just waited for Fennel’s response. In the meantime, I figured I’d get to work on fixing those Blackberries people were having trouble with. Apparently the new teleconference ap was being a little schmucky lately, and it required me having to update the hardware on all of them first. It was an easy job, just tedious. I figured some nice techno music in the meantime would make that whole thing less of a drudgery.