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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Fennel Yew/Hilda Marline Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Bleepbloop.

'Fennel Yew.' Her name was commonly heard ever since she obtained Mew, and had the Evolutionary Chemicals used on herself. The reason why is because both events had a monumentous impact. The abilities she gained were a very hot topic in conversation, particuarily her new lifespan. One-Hundred, Fourty-Thousand and Thirty years total. And she'd only look like she was 35 or something similar by then. That was practically being immortal. As for Mew, well, she tried writing down as much as she could think of, but still had a lot of ideas by the time she was halfway through her second page as to what Mew's genetics could be used for.

However, the only other thing that was talked about with equal importance was the Tempest Virus, Siphon, and the newfound rush of Genetic Surgeries. Xexan's surgeons were never busier. She was partially glad she wasn't a surgeon. To do as much Genetic Surgery as they did in one week was highly antagonizing on their part-Some of the surgeons had the stench of blood on them so badly that the scent was noticed first before they actually came into view. They pay that Xexan now had to give to their surgeons due to their massive workload was large enough that some surgeons said that "The Smell of Blood is the Smell of Money." Meanwhile, Siphon was posing a large threat to Xexan, using propaganda to attempt to sway many to their cause, and turning those that did sway into cyborgs.

Fennel didn't hate the cyborgs. The cyborgs were people that either hated the means that Xexan did their research, forcefully kidnapped by Siphon, believed they had a better chance with the cyborg route than the Pokemorph route, or simply didn't want to look like a mutant-and Fennel could understand most of that. Prior to joining Xexan, she would probably have hated the kind of work Xexan does for the sheer lack of ethnics, and everything else was simply preferrance, or bad luck. She didn't hate the research they conducted, either. Technology was what gave rise to modern society, and could benefit the human race as much as Xexan's research did. What she did hate about Siphon is their leader.

Damian Vickers deserved to be locked up in the N14-C3 for a very long time. Five years at least. Most of Xexan knew that Damian Vickers was responsible for the Tempest outbreak in the first place, and his attempt to wipe out massive amounts of the population was highly cruel, highly unjustified, and made whatever Xexan did quite lighthearted in comparison. Fennel also hated Siphon's goal of eliminating Xexan and all of their research, as well as make any Pokemorph look like a monster without a mind. Fennel felt that the cyborgs were far more likely to be mindless than the Pokemorphs, and a lot of the Pokemorphs they had were quite elegant. She could name quite a few. Moreover, the research Xexan had was too good to be destroyed; It seemed irrational to destroy what was created to help mankind.

All of it was talked about a lot. But she had work to do.

An Examination room that wasn't in use when the Tempest Crisis came about, and wasn't being used for surgery, was now being used as a war room of sorts, to discuss the crisis at hand in it's entierty. The people in the room were the people that would lead Xexan, as a scientific company and as a faction out to destroy Siphon. These people were not just Xexan's scientists, but also some non-Xexan employees that either had experiance in these matters, or were already good leaders. They met, once a day, discussing the opposition that Siphon was determined to bring to their table, the stuff they'd have to have compleated by the time Siphon started to actually attempt to attack Xexan, and other things that were in serious need of serious discussion.

Fennel was amoung these people, and was one of the most prominent; she had already aquired fame as the creator of the Portable Dream Machine, and the addition of capturing Mew and the wielder of incredible power to this meant that Fennel was respected by the non-Xexan people, despite being the youngest-looking member.

And she was at one of these meetings, which was just getting underway. Cress was usually here as well, but this time was absent, being forced to deal with the people that weren't looking at the abundant amount of posters that clearly stated that the Genetic Surgery was permenant while waiting in line, and disaproved of the 'choice' of Pokemon to be genetically fused with. Sometimes it was the exact opposite-sometimes people were so happy at the results that they personally had to thank Cress.

Henceforth why another man, a millitary officer by the name of Hunter Jinik, and ranked as a major, would start the conversation. Hunter was a Pokemorph of a Sceptile, something he was indifferent about-his new green skin, sharp leaves that could qualify for knives, those odd yellow balls on his back that sucked in sunlight, and the massive 'Tail of blades,' as Hunter called it, blended in nicely with his green eyes, his tall and physically fit stature, and his personality of being calm, cool, and collected. Xexan ran into him quite early, as his home was in the nearby Nacrene City. Hunter had agreed to being a Pokemorph with little more than the news of it, thinking that he'd rather be half-Pokemon than half-'unfeeling tin can.'

"Good day, Gentelman. As some of you already know, I am Hunter Jinik, a Major in the Unovan Army." Hunter said, settling down the minimal amount of chatter in the room, and focusing attention on himself. Everyone that spoke in the room announced who they were. "I am hear to discuss to you a topic that I am confident that the rest of you are already aware of. Siphon has expressed an obvious intent to destroy Xexan. Now, I am aware Siphon's recruting patterns point out that they are more picky than us, picking out those that would serve Siphon better than regular civilians." He said, stating the fact. "Now, it would appear that considering we take anybody that we can, we would have the advantage of numbers. However, Siphon's ability to pick talent out from the crowd, and add them into their number, is making the odds that we will outnumber them to a game-changing extent little." Hunter said.

"Mr. Jinik, I would like to state something." Fennel said. The formality was simply because this was a time for serious discussion. "Everyone here already knows that. We're here to discuss how to stop it." She said. "Do you have anything as per a solution to the problem?" Fennel asked

"Actually, Ms. Yew, I do." Hunter said. "The main reason behind Siphon's gain of numbers is due to their propoganda, which we lack. This is obvious enough, however, the data I've noticed from some quick study I've made about it makes the situation about it more grim than we realized." He added. Hunter pressed a button on the podium he spoke from (Everyone spoke from the podium), making a screen behind him light up. The screen showed four line graphs. Fennel instantly realized he was dodging her question. She hated it when that happened.

"These graphs show the sales of four different products being sold to the public, and the X value is the percent of advertising seen by consumers during a show." He said, pointing to the bottom of the graph. " The Y value is the total gross income produced by the products. It is obvious to see that the more advertising that is being produced, the more the product is purchased, and the more money the company made." Hunter said. "Siphon is making sure that the amount of their propoganda seen by civilians that aren't protected from Tempest Virus is equivelant to about twenty-five percent." He said. The twenty-five percent mark on all four graphs gave some very high sales. "We have absolutly no advertising." He added. The zero percent control had, in contrast, very low sales.

"This next Graph showes current and projected growth rates for both sides, assuming no casualties and no conflict." Hunter said, as he pressed another button, changing the graph. Two lines-one Blue for Xexan and one Red for Siphon-showed that Xexan was off to a good start, Siphon's recruitment failing to start until 2 days after Xexan started, and Xexan already having more personal to begin with. However, where they were right now put Xexan only at a small margin higher than Siphon, whose growth was far larger than Xexan's. The projected growth rates, at the end of the graph, showed Siphon having a large margin against Xexan. "The only reason we're currently equal is because Xexan had their version of the cure out quicker, and that caught those that were very quick to get immune to the Tempest virus. However, at the rate that Siphon's recruitment rate is expected to be...Siphon may very well outnumber us." Hunter concluded.

"...So how do we stop it?" Said another person in the room.

"We have to prove that their advertising isn't compleatly true. We have to prove that Pokemorphs are NOT all that Siphon says they are, and we have to bring Siphon's faults to mind." Hunter said. At last, something to aim for. It wasn't as hard as it would seem, as Xexan was equally capable of producing Pokemorphs that were truly beautiful and the last thing comparable to a monstrosity.

Muttering was heard for a bit, even after Hunter said 'Thank you,' and sat down. Fennel knew that the propoganda was a big factor why some people chose Siphon over Xexan, and she knew that it was important to prove that it wasn't as bad as Siphon made it seem, nor was Siphon without it's faults as well.

Albeit he tried to not give attention to himself, a man entered the room-A Bellossom Pokemorph, from the looks-and walked over to Fennel, in a manner that immediatly silenced the murmurs. This was a total disruption of the meeting at best, therefore meaning that said Bellossom Pokemorph better have a extremely good excuse for being here. It better be something Fennel needed to know.

"Miss Yew, I've assigned a Bodyguard to you, for your saftey." He said. "I forgot to tell you prior to telling your bodyguard, Nikolai Holmes, so I came to tell you so you don't...Err...Mistake his intentions." He added.

A bodyguard?! Well, it was important enough to grant a passable excuse for the meeting, but honestly, Fennel was extremely dangerous as it is. Firebreathing, Cursed Tails, Floating Blue Flames she can conjure at will, Suprising physical strength, Two Encrypt 143 pistols, an AMPLE, two Knives, a Permafrost 117 Sniper rifle, and incarnations that can cause extreme headaches and mental instability all make for a very fierce fighter. Fennel had all of those things.

As the man walked out of the room, Fennel refocused her attention to the meating. She had something of her own to say.
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