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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Simon and Robert Zidane
Outside Castelia City

It was one nightmare into another. On the bright side though, Robert's Zorua was still alive, even though he was now in Robert old and now genetically modified body. Still now that this virus was out, a lot more people's lives were at risk. <All this because of greed and power.> Robert commented as he and his Zorua, now named Simon and in a body that looked like a Arcanine Pokemorph with Salamence wings, headed into the woods, staying off of the main road.

Night was falling. While the streets were practically deserted, neither Robert nor Simon wanted to draw too much attention to themselves. "Well, I suppose we can camp out here master, providing it doesn't start to rain." Simon spoke as he looked at a small clearing in the forest. Robert, now a Zoroark due to his battle with a Liligant that tried to trick him when they reached White Forest, began using his claws to dig a small fire pit. Farah peaked out from Robert's hair and took a look around before hoping out of his hair and onto the ground.

<Well then, I'll go and find us some berries to eat.> the vulpix spoke before she scampered off into the forest. Simon walked over to a fallen, dead tree and began to cut it up for firewood. Robert picked up the lumber and began setting it in the fire pit.

"This whole thing is weird. I mean, why would humans create something to kill other humans? And then when it gets loose, they go into a panic and all of this mess happens? What does it benefit anyone?" Simon asked. Ever since he gained Robert's body, he had quickly learned how to access Robert's brain and learned how to speak human, and his consciousness and DNA genetic modification allowed him to speak and understand Pokespeak.

Robert shook his head a bit while Simon used Ember to light the firewood in the pit. <There are some really messed up people in this world. People who make weapons like that care only about having power over other people. People like that care nothing about anyone else but themselves, and they don't care who they hurt. But when things go public and they are about to lose what bid for power and control that they had, they'll do everything to try and turn the situation in their favor.> Robert explained, thinking the best answer that he could come up with.

"And now because of Xexan and Siphon, a lot of people are going to die if they don't become a morph or a cyborg. I know there are bad humans in this world, but that those bad humans would ever go this far, it's makes me furious and sad at the same time." Simon replied.

<And that's why we need to get to Professor Juniper. She's the one who gave you to me when I was going down that path. I did bad things just to survive, but after I met you and we went on our journey, I could see how wrong I was about the world and the people in it. If anyone can find a cure for this virus without getting involved in a power struggle, its her. And if we can take care of the virus, then we can go after those two groups that are responsible for it and make sure nothing like this ever happens again.> Robert spoke.

Farah returned, carrying a few small branches with pecha berries hanging from them. Robert smiled as he sat down and took them from Farah and began dividing the berries up so the three of them would have an equal amount. Farah hopped into Robert's lap and curled up, nuzzling his belly. Robert chuckled and gave her a berry, letting her eat it out of his paw.

Simon chuckled a bit as he watched the scene. "Looks like you got yourself a girlfriend when you were out." Simon teased. Robert laughed a bit while Farah continued eating the berry. <Well, considering the fact that I very much doubt that you and I will ever end up back in our original bodies, I figured I'd make the most out of being a Pokemon.> Robert jested back.

<Well, he did save my life, and I like him! He reminds me a lot of my trainer Lilly before Xexan took her away from me. Considering what Robert told me they did to him and other trainers and their Pokemon, I'm not even sure she's still alive or not. But I'm okay as long as I'm with him.> Farah explained.

After about an hour of discussion and eating, the trio curled up together, resting against one another to sleep.