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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

((Lil note: Ranna's speech is bold and Isa's looks like this.))

Gatekeeper - Cerberus
Nexen Under City

This was not good. Not good in any way, shape, or form. Anastasia trembled at the chaos starting to break loose around her. She was already tired from holding the gate open--not to mention that some people didn't want it to stay open--but the Heartless attack was starting to break her already fragile concentration. She ignored the goings on around her for the moment, focusing on keeping the gate open, but there were others in her head who did not want that.

Isataxansa, with her hatred of anything resembling a Heartless, immediately went into kill mode the moment they appeared. Just let me at them! I can tear them all to shreds in minutes! She screeched, battering her mind against Anastasia's. It was giving the girl an awful headache on her left side.

Meanwhile Ranna was against anything of the sort. Don't fight, let Ranna talk. Ranna knows Heartless, Ranna speak Heartless. Ranna get them to not attack Ranna and then eat other light-blood-snack people. Her voice was like claws sliding against rocks, whispery and sending shivers down Anastasia's spine.

"No, stop it, all of you." She gasped, touching the stone around her belt for more strength. For a second it glowed a brighter red and she felt an influx of energy. "I can't concentrate with you guys arguing." She didn't even stop to think that she was speaking to them out loud.

Do your gate thing. Ranna just talk to Heartless while Ana keeps gate open.

Who cares about the stupid gate? It will be real pointless to keep the gate open if you die while doing it! Isataxansa almost yelled, giving an explosive sigh. Just summon your weapon and I can--

Anastasia didn't hear a word after that, because Ranna suddenly jumped to the forefront of her mind and tried to take control. She gasped and fought back, only vaguely aware of the gate now. She pushed the Heartless back, trying to force her into the recesses of her mind. While they were fighting, distracted, Anastasia felt Isataxansa suddenly leap forward and take control. No!!! She yelled, trying to regain control of her body.

Relax girl, Isataxansa answered her, straightening up and turning her back to the gate. I got this. She unhooked the bola-whip from her belt and started to swing it, lossening the strings.

Ranna was screaming and frothing, an awful noise that was like breaking glass and the glass slivers were carving bloody paths down her mind. How Isa ignored it Anastasia had no idea, she wasn't even in control anymore and it hurt. The Nobody whirled the bolas around, listening to the metal clank, and waited for the Wyverns to come closer. The light of the gate bounced of the metal, sending blueish white flecks of light dancing around the room. Two of the Wyverns suddenly dove for her, and Isa reacted instantly, swing her weapon like a whip. The red fleshy material that kept it together stretched like muscle and allowed the bolas to hit targets much farther away than people would think.

One of the balls hit a Wyvern dead in the chest with a loud cracking noise and the other Wyvern twisted away and was only scrathed by the curved spikes on the ball. It didn't matter much though, when Isataxansa was in control her weapon poisoned anything it touched. The first Wyven fell instantly, its chest crushed, while the other flew for the ceiling, its flight pattern already starting to become a bit erratic. Before the rest of the Heartless could get away, Isa raised her hand and pointed at the group circling above their heads. "Gravity!" She yelled, sending out a formless black mass from her hand. The blackness grew and draped over the flying Heartless like a blanket, and the moment it touched them they all crashed to the ground as if their bodies had suddenly become too heavy for them to fly.

"There, we can get them all now before the spell wears off." Isa said, although it was hard to tell if she was actually talking to anyone. "Fira!" She twirled her bolas again and suddenly the three balls burst into flames. She smashed them against the Wyverns, trying to drive them back and give the others some space.
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