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Default Re: Pokemon Board Game Version 1.2!

Originally Posted by Farrell View Post
I'd like to join please.

Name: Farrell
Counter: I couldn't find the image you used, but I'm using the male character from Gold/Silver
You are accepted. I will PM you when your character starts :)

Right here is a list of who is accepted and their counters.

Currently in the Game:

Hitmon - B/W Male Trainer
Crystal - B/W Female Trainer
Elecii - HG/SS Female Trainer
Sam - FR/LG - Female Trainer

Players coming into the game shortly:

RedMario - D/P Male Trainer
PD - FR/LG Male Trainer
SS - R/S/E Male Trainer
Farrell - HG/SS Male Trainer

I have 2 Positions left. They are:

R/S/E Female Trainer - ????
D/P Female Trainer - ????
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