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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Ceaser Dasillion walked down the dimly lit corridor towards the Pokemon Habitat Simulation Room or PHSR for short. He needed a to take some samples from a few of the pokemon there so that he could continue his research for the Elemental Chips he was in the process of designing. Ceaser came to a huge door that had "POKEMON HABITAT SIMULATION ROOM" plastered across it in large, bold, red lettering, he placed his microchipped finger on the scanning pad and a light beam slid down the screen underneath it, there was a click and the door slid open.

Inside was a huge space the size of a small city that was covered in the various types of pokemon terrain. There were forests and mountains and lakes and everything in between. Although Siphon beleived that experimenting on pokemon was unlawful and disgusting some of their research did require pokemon DNA samples however there were strict rules as to what could be taken from a pokemon. The only things the Siphon members could use from pokemon were small blood samples or else a few strands of hair, scales etc. nothing major that would cause the pokemon harm, and after the pokemon was no longer needed for research it was released back into the wild. Although it was often found that when it came time for a pokemon to be released it would return due to Siphons PHSR being so exact and somtimes even better than the wild.

Ceaser could see numerous pokemon as soon as he walked in the door but not the one he was after, Vaporean. Ceaser had decided to create a water elemental chip first and he needed a tiny blood sample so that it could be analysed. To make searching for a pokemon easier each pokemon has a tracking collar on it, that is removed before release. Ceaser walked over to the computer that had data on all the current inhabitants of the PHSR and searched for Vaporeon. After a few short seconds a map came up with a little flashing dot on it that indicated where Vaporeon was currently residing within the PHSR, it was by the lake.

Ceaser climbed into one of the small all terrain vehicles that was provided and made the 5 minute drive to the lake. Upon arriving he spotted Vaporeon sun bathing on a rock in the middle of the lake so he switched the vehicle to boat mode and zoomed across the lake to where Vaporeon was resting. When Ceaser reach the rock Vaporeon looked up from its slumber and smiled, Ceaser found that alot of the pokemon inside the PHSR had taken a liking to him which made collecting samples alot easier.

"Sorry Vaporeon but I need a tiny little sample of blood please" Ceaser exclaimed to Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon" it replied and gave a nod of approval and went back to sleep.

Ceaser pulled out a tiny little needle no bigger than a pin and slid it into Vaporeon. Vaporeon took no notice and continued its slumber. Ceaser extracted a few drops of Vaporeons blood and placed it into a vial he had in his lab coat. He then pulled out a treat that was specially designed for Vaporeon and left it on the rock beside the sleeping pokemon. Ceaser turned the boat towards the shore than made the journey back to the entrance.

When he reached the entrance Ceaser climbed out the vehicle and walked back down the hall towards his lab.