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Default Re: Ranger Headquarters

Week(ish) of April 16th - 24th:
Note: Since I flubbed up last time and
posted pay during the middle of the day,
the following Rounds are whatever was
posted AFTER 9:10 in the morning.
Pacific standard time.

Paperfairy: $1+$1+$9+$1+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4+$4

3m0d0ll: $1

Dino: $9
Paperfairy: $52
3m0d0ll: $1
Dino: $9
Posted this week

Paperfairy: 14/14/30
3m0d0ll: 1/22/38
Dino: 1/2/6

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