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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Sir Fratley
Nexen Under City

"So seems like an endless ocean." the Burmecian spoke to himself as he cut through a small group of attacking heartless. "Are these what Alexandria intends to use?" he spoke to himself as he followed up his arcing forward slash by jumping up with a hop and swinging his bladed lance down, slicing a larger heartless in two.

Still in all the years he had explored the mist covered continent, fighting dragons, thieves, malboros and other monsters, he had never seen anything like what he faced now. The heartless were not very skilled, but they seemed to have the advantage of overwhelming numbers.

As the Burmecian fought further into the endless hordes, seeking a means of escape, he saw others falling under attack. But another monster he saw made his knightly blood boil. It looked different from those he normally slew, but the figure was the same. A dragon-like creature threatened the group of humans. Tension rose as purple lightning began to crackle around Fratley. As Fratley lunged high into the air with amazing speed, his body began to glow purple. At the peak of his jump, a good thirty feet into the air, Fratley spun his lance in a circle in front of him, which created an energy seal full of ancient runes.

"DRAGON SEAL!" Fratley called out as he lunged downward through the seal with meteoric speed, his body and bladed lance becoming shrouded with a dragon form, created from the energy of all the dragons he had slain in the past, all contained within the soul shard embedded within the blade of his lance. This attack was not only his most powerful, but any dragon or dragon-like creature slain by the move would have its essence trapped within the soul shard, enslaving it and adding to the power of his Dragon Seal attack.

Fratley landed hard into the back of the Wyvern, sending it plummeting to the ground. When the energy dragon dispersed, Fratley appeared to be standing atop the beast, his bladed lance buried in the back of the creature's head. Still, it was not the only flying beast there.

Fratley looked at those who were fighting against the heartless and the Wyverns. "Know you an escape route? Their numbers seem as endless as the seas." Fratley asked as he turned to face the oncomming wave of heartless and Wyverns.

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