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Default Re: more room in signatures

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Actually, that can be a problem. Making an image smaller can be considered editing, which is illegal to do to copyrighted images. So, we could have more room, or you could simply make your own banner instead of using images from other sites. And the emoticon really adds a flare of sarcasm, which is not needed if the person is simply asking a question.
i agree titanium... and yes if someone makes a banner FOR YOU and you really like it but its a bit on the chunky size why would you want to go back and get a smaller banner. i really like mine i think simmi did a wicked job on it. not to compare us to serebii, which is a good website as well, they get alot more space in there banner area, im just asking for a small increase. nothing to drastic.
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