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Default Abode of Twilight [RP]

Sabi: Amaya- Gatekeeper - Bahamut - Good
// Mysterious Man in the Mask - Bad
//Riku - Good

Winter: Rayna and Anya- Gatekeepers - Odin - Good
//Terra - Keyblade Master - Good [At least he’s trying]

Zorua: Sir ‘Iron Tail’ Fratley - Good

Esper: Jerald Itami - Gatekeeper - Diablos - Bad

K. Malchiek: Raizen - Good [Wild Card]

Charmander: Sora - Good
Redmario: Daigali - Gatekeeper - Quetzacotl - Bad

WhiteBread: Brandon Russel - ???

Nexen Under City

'They exist…just keep hoping just keep hoping.'

Amaya stood with her hands gripped around her lance for dear life, concentrating her entire being into helping her massive dragon companion into keeping the gate open. Not being a fully trained as a Gatekeeper, much like anyone here who survived the insane onslaught of Heartless a few nights ago. Looking back at it now, or rather up, if they were going to try and return to the normal city, it was a very very long climb up, and after trying to keep a gate open for so long without proper training and having to rely on your Guardian Beast for it, they were going to be burnt out for a long time.

Amaya sat and stared at the ground with a slightly hypnotic stare. This was tiring, and in a place like this, being tired was dangerous. If there were Heartless in this place, hostile ones, no doubt they would be down here. Perhaps the man in the mask thought they were dead, or he would of sent hordes after them already.

"We need to try and keep this thing as open as long as we can…someone needs to make sure nothing we want comes in to Nexen…" Amaya said, thinking out loud just for the sake of it.

Amaya was sitting, staring at the opening in between the pillars; it was a rather misty looking portal, one that looked like it was made out of a wall of silver water. Bahamut wasn't physically present, but you could see the blue aura radiating around the pillars. The gem on Amaya's glove was burning brightly, and she knew that her beast would be very much out of energy afterwards.

The female stood up again and turned around, looking at the shadows. She had a feeling that something was watching them, something sinister and that there was something out there trying to warn them about it. She usually had weird feelings like that. However this time, there was something really disturbing her in the back of her mind.

That's when she decided to look up. What she saw was something she didn't like.

There were small dots in the small section of light that was provided above. Between the incredibly tall towers and arcs of supports, aqueducts and bridges, something was coming towards them and it was too fast to be falling. Amaya gripped her lance defensively as she tried to figure out what they were exactly.

That's when she caught a glimpse of a very familiar marking. A barbed heart.

More Heartless. Not just any heartless though, they were Wyvern's.

"No, not now, not good." She spoke in anxious frustration. "We need keep them away from the gateway."

Amaya put her lance point to the ground and focused magical energy into it. It started to glow a bluey silver colour, and then at that point, she drew it across the ground and threw the bladed end upward, releasing a powerful lash of wind magic upward towards the oncoming foes. One was hit and battered into stopping, but a few others banked off out of sight. That was merely only strong enough to stall them, but stalling them from getting close was better than nothing.

Masked Man
Evil Bad Boss
Nexen Citadel Spire

He stood against the light of the sun, gazing at the outreaching towers that now were trying to touch the sun. Arms behind his back, he walked from one side of the window to the other, knowing he could see all and that nothing could see him. Every other person in Nexen was crying in fear, fear that the Masked Man relished so much. They all fled to get closer to the light, closer and closer they wanted to get. All the wanted was the light.

"And to be so desperate, one becomes blind and will always remain blind in the light."

That's exactly what he was doing to these people, blinding them, and it was working too well. There were still some stragglers who wanted to be heros and try to fend off the Heartless and Nobodies that were coming to try and get them. It was to filter out those he needed for his plan. Few knew the plan, and even with the gathered gatekeepers on his side, and their guardian beasts, there was still the few that escaped him. He took his leave from his room and started down a long and dark hallway with an uneasy breeze going through it. With towers being so tall, t he wind could easily tear them down if a strong enough storm blew in, so they were specially made to let it pass through them in certain points.

He walked in near silence, passing a room where the others of his affiliation simply relaxed when they had nothing to do, provided they didn't destroy the room first with fighting. The Masked man stood there for a second, his black cloak making him invisible in the shadows, and the white half of his mask easily seen like he was a ghost. The mask was simply white on one hand, black on the other, and inverted with two slits for 'eyes' and a line for a mouth. It had no sort of expression on it whatsoever. Everyone else would wear a mask eventually. It was their symbol of loyalty. Not many had it yet, except for a few.

One of which the man wanted to speak to. He put his hand on the wall and spoke, as if he was using magic to make an intercom out of the wall.

"Jerald…come to the base floors."

The base floors was there the tower ended and the basement began. It was complete darkness down there, and no one was permitted down there without permission, and if that rule was violated, the one who broke it would end up dead. Plain and simple. The Masked Man had his plan down there, and it was on a strictly need to know basis.

Some people needed to know.
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