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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications


Description of Gym Theme: Only Pokemon with the word "Body" in their Ability can be used by the Leader.

6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme: Volcarona, Metang/Metagross, Jellicent, Chandelure, Vanilluxe, Walrein.

Single/Double/Triple? Single.

How many Pokémon per side? Two.

Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions? 30 Health CAP, 3 chill per trainer CAP, no OHKO moves.

What is the Gym Arena? -Spiffy name here-
A plain arena that changes before every battle depending on the number the Ref rolls out of a 35-sided die. If 1-10, the arena is a mountain peak, plagued by constant snow and hail. The weather is misty with a 2% chance at the end of each Round for a four-action'd Hail storm starting. Electric-type attacks are 1/4 effective in this arena. If a 11-20 is rolled, the arena is a large pool with floating platforms for trainers and non-aquatic Pokemon to stand on. No weather-altering moves can be used sucessfully while battling in this arena. If 21-30, the arena is a dence forest, cluttered with fallen leaves and taunting bushes. Because of the thick trees around the entire arena, a Pokemon's Speed is reduced by 1 so they don't crash into trees. If a Pokemon's Speed is raised above -1, then there is a 15% chance each action that the Pokemon's move will fail due to them ramming a tree. And if a 31-35 is rolled, the arena is of the challenger's choosing. Note: The arena's aren't limited to one's used in the Gym. So you could make the arena be a desert and whatnot.

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym? Challenger must have won at least one battle, must not be in any other battles, and isn't allowed to use Basic/Baby Pokemon - only Stage 1+ and non-evolving.

In addition, please provide links to all battles you have participated in, past or present. I'm too pro to need this B)

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