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Default Re: A Graphic Store..

Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
Size: About the same as Neo used for this rp. Sorry I don't know the dimensions
Images: Whatever you feel works
Text: Dusk of Broken Harmony
Is it the end of the world? Or just the beginning?
Anything Else: I would like to use it for this rp. Hopefully you'll be inspired by the plot to come up with something. If not then I'll try to find some good images.
Have you read the rules? Hai (aka yes)
What do the rules say about crediting me and usages of my work on other forums then pe2k? Always give you credit and ask permission to use off forum, though I tend to just use it for that RP and credit will most defiantly be given.
I see, well this sounds like an interesting request, I'll read over the story and see what I can come up with. :)


Originally Posted by yogeshssj6 View Post
They would be used in this forum for my clan with the same name and credits to u will be given
Oh I see, well I can make your request, if you find better quality images, I don't mind the one in good quality, but the other two need to be better.

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