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Default Help Me Make/Fix My Team

I'm not a noob to pokemon. I know about a lot and have been playing since Red/Blue/Yellow. I just started looking into competitive battling and wanted to know what to put on my team and how to use it. I'm open to any and all suggestions and criticisms. Here's what I have so far...

1. Alakazam
Naive or rash nature?
EV spread 252-sp. atk, 252- speed, and 6-Hp
Moves list: Psychic, focus blast, energy ball or charge beam, and double team

2. Blissy
Calm or Careful?
252-sp. def, 252- hp, 6 def?
Moves list: open to suggestions/combos.

3-6. I have absolutely no idea... i was thinking a Gliscor, starmie, and i have no clue what else. I need a Physical sweeper, and a tank, and a physical wall, and maybe a spinner.... Help me out please!!