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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

[Lilac] Lucario (Female)
Ability: Inner Focus

Signature Move: Aura Containment Field

Description: Based on Riley and his Lucario's use of aura during Galactic's attack on Iron Island, Lilac uses the power of aura to create a bubble like barrier that encases the enemy inside it during the use of the move. Any special attack that is unleashed by the attacker explodes inside of it, causing the opponent damage equal to the amount of damage it would have dealt if it attacked itself with that special attack move. A physical attack merely breaks the barrier. Furthermore, moves like Explosion and Self-Destruct will only affect the attacker, still causing the attacker to faint, but prevents anyone else from being harmed. Much like moves like Detect and Protect, this is a priority move.

Type: Fight / Base Power: n/a / Accuracy: 100% / Classification: Other / Energy Cost: 15%

Effect: Priority move akin to Protect/Detect. If enemy uses special attack, it is hit with it's own attack. If enemy uses physical attack, it breaks the barrier. If enemy uses Explosion/Self-Destruct/Perish Song/Destiny Knot, only the enemy suffers the affect. containment barrier only works on the move it is used, much like Protect/detect.

Usage Gap: Once per battle